Saturday, December 24, 2005

New England States Experience Population Decline

It is no surprise that the more liberal states in the Union are experiencing population decline.

As the business climate becomes less and less friendly in these near socialist states, companies move taking their jobs with them. Few new companies would start up in an area where the costs of doing business including burdensome regulation are atrocious.
Note a population decline in the face of immigration an unprecedented influx of immigrants irrespective of their legality is unheard of.

Specifically these states are Massachussets and
New York.

Other areas including the District of Columbia have also expereinced a similar decline.

This means fewer seats in the House of Representatives and less federal funding for these states.

As opposed to making the states in the South more leftward leaning, I anticipate the loss of population in the New England states far more likely to be those dissatisfied with the political and economic climate e.g. those more centrist and conservative.

This spells big trouble for the American left as their own party consolidation pushes them further to the left.

Perhaps in the next twenty years as population shifts to the south a legitimate competitor to the two current parties will evolve.

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