Saturday, December 31, 2005

Heavy Weight Champion Title Fight

My home includes three felines.

Two of which are neutered males, although I would swear the Veterinarian missed a nut on each of them.

Every three to six months they must a have a fight to determine who is King Pussy around the house.

Our Orange Tabby (American short hair) is the aggressor typically. He literally goes out of his way to corner the Grey Tabby and create a fight.

Usually the Grey Tabby just sits down on all fours facing him and waiting for the Orange Tabby to "make his move".

Normally nothing comes of this but once every three to six months it turns into the Heavy Weight Champion Title Match.

The last grand tournament was Thursday.

The Orange Tabby finally cornered the Grey Tabby and got the shot at the title he had hoped for. Unfortunately for him the Grey Tabby is some seriously bad pussy.

The fight started in the front yard and I could follow the I blood trail into the back yard over the block wall that seperates front yard from back. In the back yard was a 30" circular spray of white cat fur centered around the Grey Tabby (I had walked out about that time and saw the two squaring off for round twelve). Uncharacteristically the Orange Tabby took this time to disengage from the fight effectively throwing in the towel. The Grey Tabby went into the house to eat (at 20 lbs he is five pounds under his historic high weight but by no means slender).

The Orange Tabby was nowhere to be found for a number of hours until that evening when he came into the house crying and acting for all the world like he was in a world of pain. Sure enough upon later examination he had a raquetball sized inflamed wound around his throat which is where his only white fur is I might add.

The Grey Tabby has a couple of tufts of fur missing from his back but no telltale indications of blod clotting on his skin you would imagine from a fight.

In other words another hands down win for the reigning champion.

Perhaps I will have another six months of peace from cat fights as the loser will surely remember his ass kicking for at least a little while.

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