Saturday, December 17, 2005

Good Things From Belgium

Belgium has long been a provider of fine goods.

Even before Fabrique Nationale purchsed rights to manufacturing the legendary designs of John Moses Browning, Belgium was known for its firearms manufacturers.

I own one of their products, made under license by South Africa, the Fabrique National Fusil Automatique Leger or for us English speakers the Light Automatic Rifle.

Other weapons designed and either built by FN Herstal or under license include two weapons currently serving our forces fight against tyranny in the Middle East; the FN MAG aka M240 General Purpose Machine Gun and the Minimi aka M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.

Like much of Europe and the rest of the world for that matter, Belgium has struggled against terrorist cells among its unassimilated immigrant population. Citizens or no these individuals do not hold any allegiance to the country which accepted them to its bosom. This ingratitude should be rewarded by scourging of these terrorist factions and swift deportation back to the point of origin for criminal elements.

I had the opportunity to refamiliarize myself with some of the fruits of Belgian Labor, namely their beer.

I just enjoyed Chimay beer which is made by Trappist monks as they labor in total silence obedient to their oath to God, in each of its three variations (that I found anyway).

All were enjoyable their pilsner-esque version, identified by its light colored label, was delightful, posessing a light hoppy aroma and for a pilsner quite full flavore.

Their more traditional ale-like offering was outstanding. This beer is just the thing to enjoy on a cool evening while enjoying a cigar. The closes I have had of late to this is the seasonal Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.

I ask you all to remember the find products of Belgium during your next shopping trip. Assist me in supporting nations in their fight against tyranny and oppression by purchasing the fruits of their labor.

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