Saturday, December 31, 2005

Egypt And With Friends Like These...

Egypt may be the central piece to forming a new political union; The Axis of the Ungrateful.

The Arab Lawyer Union will be having a mock trial of Pres. Bush, Ariel Sharon and U.K. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. See the Gates Of Vienna for more.

On a similar note Egypt's security forces recently stormed a shanty town of Sudanese refugees forcing their relocation and destroying the ramshackle not quite shelter that they had been able to construct. See the Yahoo News and Little Green Footballs for more.

Considering Egypt gets at least ten percent of their revenues as aid directly from the United States of America (~$2billion) they might want to remember who holds the purse strings.

That and with all the violence against tourists in the last few years has cost Egypt approximately 11% of their GDP (~$4billion). Tourism is back up currently however with the activity of the Muslim Brotherhood and their penchant for killing tourists and Copts I do not doubt there will be another serious downturn economically.

If not now then during the next serious anti Copt or mass murder of tourists we should remove all foreign aid from Egypt. Since the money is doing us no good in suppressing this type of maniac(s) locally in Egypt we could apply the money elsewhwere.

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