Monday, December 12, 2005

Crips Founder Denied Clemency

Crips founder Tookie Williams has been denied clemency by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold must have realized there was nothing to gain by providing this unrepentant thug with life in prison rather than the death penalty.

Mediacrats and various left wing talking heads have been harping about possible violence if Tookie gets offed.

Apparently the Governator has called their bluff.

I find it unlikely Arnold would hold back on calling out the National Guard to suppress rioting by the gang elements in California.

That and I doubt there is any loyalty within the gangs ranks to override their interest in self preservation and self interest e.g. there is no percentage in rioting over another dead gangstah.


After some difficulty getting the needle into Tookie's arm due to his weightlifting, the execution proceeded.

Tookie Williams payed for the murders of his four victims (that we know of).

For those who say the death penalty does not perform any useful function I have the following answers:

-When the death penalty is used you permanently remove a threat to the community (and from the gene pool).

-No the death penalty is not a deterrent it is a punishment

-Many cite religious reasons for forgiving those their crimes. I could not agree more we can find forgiveness in our hearts for these vermin. However that does not mean we do not punish them.

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