Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Collegiate Gender Mix and Title IX

This article is a good read on the growing gender gap in higher education.

The point of the article is that 60% of collegiate and university admissions are women.

When this imbalance was exactly the reverse, that is that 60%+ were men in the early ninteteen-seventies, Title IX was created to level the playing field.

Note that there is no cry for achieving any balance between the genders from the left.

A great article overrall.

I find it shallow to say the least that the author noted one of the significant societal impacts in this trend is that women will not find a man of equal social standing to date.

By way of Instapundit.

It makes me wonder when the "feminists" and the American left will realize the despised gender they contintually attempt to marginalize is comprised of their sons, grandsons, brothers, husbands , nephews and fathers?

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