Friday, December 23, 2005

Arizona Governor Illegal Immigration Dodges

Espresso Pundit has an oustanding report on Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano's incessant shifting of her stance on illegal immigration.

Much of this no doubt is due to fact she likely would not have been elected without illegal immigrants voting for her.

From Espresso Pundit:

Round off, Flip Flop, Double Back with a Full Twist

Governor Napolitano added another trick to her immigration gymnastics routine this week. But first let's review the women's floor event thus far.

Fall 2004

Governor Napolitano Opposes Proposition 200.

Spring 2005

Governor Napolitano vetoes the bills that implement Prop 200.

She vetoed SB 1186 which incorporated into statute Prop 200 requirements for proof of citizenship when registering to vote?

...Vetoed SB 1306 Which would have allowed police officers to enforce immigration laws.

...Vetoed SB 1511 which would have banned state agencies and law enforcement from accepting consular ID Cards.

....Vetoed HB 2709 which would have built a prison in Mexico to house undocumented immigrant criminals.

...Vetoed SB 1118 which would have prevented people from casting a provisional ballot if they could not produce ID.

...Vetoed HB 2030 which would have banned undocumented immigrants from adult courses and government-sponsored benefits and prevented them from paying reduced in-state tuition.

Summer 2005

Governor Napolitano calls a private summit of law enforcement agencies to address illegal immigration….but doesn't attend because she is traveling to Moscow. Key legislative leaders are not invited but show up anyway and are turned away by DPS.

August 2005

Governor Napolitano criticizes the federal government for "moving too slow" on border security, and declares a state of emergency along Arizona's border with Mexico.

September 6, 2005

Ignoring her previous opposition and conveniently forgetting half a dozen vetoes, the Governor's office claimes that:

"The governor has vigorously enforced Proposition 200 in every way she has been asked to as the law requires.

September 20, 2005

The Governor asks for Huricane Katrina relief funding to be diverted to the “disaster” on Arizona’s border.

Later that month

JD Hayworth expresses outrage at her Katrina play and says she is no better than the looters.

A FEMA spokesman said while FEMA would review any request the state would file, the request for federal disaster aid dollars is inappropriate. "This is not the intent of the law,’’

November 15, 2005

Governor Napolitano quietly drops her request for "disaster" relief, and continues to insist that the issue requires a federal solution "The federal government has failed in its responsibility in securing our border,’’

December 22, 2005

The federal government votes to secure the border by adding 700 miles to the existing walls.

Mexican officials oppose the plan and after Hectoring the Bush administration and Arizona's congressional delegation for months that they must secure the border...the Governor sides with the Mexican Government.

The governor also found herself in agreement with several officials from the Mexican government who denounced the whole idea of a border wall. That includes Mexican President Vicente Fox who called the idea "disgraceful'' and "shameful.''

The governor said Wednesday the proposal, part of a House bill approved by a 239-182 vote, would be a waste of money.

Full Twisting Back Flip

This latest double back flip dismount gets additional points for an enhanced degree of difficulty because it contains a full twist.

The full twist occurred during the back flip when she briefly compared the border wall the the Berlin Wall.

She recalled 1987 speech by then President Reagan, standing near the Brandenburg Gate, at the Berlin Wall. There, Reagan called upon the head of the Soviet Union to "tear down this wall.'

But when pressed, Napolitano insisted she was not comparing the plan to build a fence to keep illegal entrants out of the United States from the wall which kept citizens of Communist East Germany in from escaping to the West.

"You know what?'' she said. "Forget that. It was a comment that, we'll just go on.''

Somehow I don't think that will be the last time we hear the Governor address a previous immigration statement with the words....

"You know what?'' "Forget that. It was a comment that, we'll just go on.''

Yes, I guess we'll just go on.

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