Saturday, December 17, 2005

Another Look At Reproductive Freedom and Men

I have previously posted regarding the captivity of men and the suppression of any choice on our part in the realm of reproductive choice.

Others have posted their outlook on the discrepancies seen between men and women's choice in the reproductive process.

Casting aside the establishment's position that men make their reproductive choice when they engage in sexual congress with the opposite sex and its intendant captivity to our biological drives, an argument that is not tolerated for women, other views on the reproductive process and men are founded more on the practical rather than idealogical.

Rather than crying out for an elective participation in reproductive choice for men, Dalton Conley espouses the concept that there are indeed inequities in life both genders must experience forced by our different biological functions.

For men this inequity is to be held financially responsible for unwanted pregancies.

For woment this is accepting that child rearing is the root cause of inequities in compensation between men and women (women make approximately $.75 for every $1.00 made by men). The loss or potential loss in productivity, availability to work and loss in promotional opportunity are an inequity that must be accepted by women.

Although I do not agree with Mr. Dalton his article and to my knowledge its unique perspective, is worth reading in its entirety.

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