Saturday, December 31, 2005

Heavy Weight Champion Title Fight

My home includes three felines.

Two of which are neutered males, although I would swear the Veterinarian missed a nut on each of them.

Every three to six months they must a have a fight to determine who is King Pussy around the house.

Our Orange Tabby (American short hair) is the aggressor typically. He literally goes out of his way to corner the Grey Tabby and create a fight.

Usually the Grey Tabby just sits down on all fours facing him and waiting for the Orange Tabby to "make his move".

Normally nothing comes of this but once every three to six months it turns into the Heavy Weight Champion Title Match.

The last grand tournament was Thursday.

The Orange Tabby finally cornered the Grey Tabby and got the shot at the title he had hoped for. Unfortunately for him the Grey Tabby is some seriously bad pussy.

The fight started in the front yard and I could follow the I blood trail into the back yard over the block wall that seperates front yard from back. In the back yard was a 30" circular spray of white cat fur centered around the Grey Tabby (I had walked out about that time and saw the two squaring off for round twelve). Uncharacteristically the Orange Tabby took this time to disengage from the fight effectively throwing in the towel. The Grey Tabby went into the house to eat (at 20 lbs he is five pounds under his historic high weight but by no means slender).

The Orange Tabby was nowhere to be found for a number of hours until that evening when he came into the house crying and acting for all the world like he was in a world of pain. Sure enough upon later examination he had a raquetball sized inflamed wound around his throat which is where his only white fur is I might add.

The Grey Tabby has a couple of tufts of fur missing from his back but no telltale indications of blod clotting on his skin you would imagine from a fight.

In other words another hands down win for the reigning champion.

Perhaps I will have another six months of peace from cat fights as the loser will surely remember his ass kicking for at least a little while.

New Years and Firing Guns Into The Air

It has long baffled me as to why many of our nation's people cling to isolated events and rather than taking the common sense practical approach to alleviating a problem decide to declare an activity illegal, make it a felony then come down on whatever idiot broke their new law.

One of these cases is Shannon's Law in Arizona. Background: A young girl talking on her cordless phone is struck by a bullet in the head and killed while standing in her backyard .

Subsequently local officials passed a law making celebratory gunfire a felony.

As expected this law made zero difference in the behavior as there was a notable increase in celebratory gunfire after the issue passed.

What most do not know is that during the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century, ammunition manufacturers sold millions of blank catridges per year which were made and marketed expressly for celebrating events like Independence Day and New Years.

A campaign to have those wishing to celebrate New Years use blank catridges rather than live ammunition which includes the projectile component would be far more likely to produce positive results than a simple prohibition.

I wish everyone a very healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

Egypt And With Friends Like These...

Egypt may be the central piece to forming a new political union; The Axis of the Ungrateful.

The Arab Lawyer Union will be having a mock trial of Pres. Bush, Ariel Sharon and U.K. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. See the Gates Of Vienna for more.

On a similar note Egypt's security forces recently stormed a shanty town of Sudanese refugees forcing their relocation and destroying the ramshackle not quite shelter that they had been able to construct. See the Yahoo News and Little Green Footballs for more.

Considering Egypt gets at least ten percent of their revenues as aid directly from the United States of America (~$2billion) they might want to remember who holds the purse strings.

That and with all the violence against tourists in the last few years has cost Egypt approximately 11% of their GDP (~$4billion). Tourism is back up currently however with the activity of the Muslim Brotherhood and their penchant for killing tourists and Copts I do not doubt there will be another serious downturn economically.

If not now then during the next serious anti Copt or mass murder of tourists we should remove all foreign aid from Egypt. Since the money is doing us no good in suppressing this type of maniac(s) locally in Egypt we could apply the money elsewhwere.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Vegan's Receives Gift From Santa

A vegan received a gift from Santa on her doorstep.

The gift was a well wrapped goat's head.

As annoying as vegans typically are acting as the official harsher of the buzz at nearly any event ,I find a great deal of humor in this.

Perhaps that vegan will recall that if we are polite to others they will be so to you.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stupid Cop Tricks IV

What would the world be like if only the police were trusted with firearms?

From New York City's Police Department there are two entries:

By way of Alphecca

An officer was in a carful of men wearing bulletproof vests, ski masks and carring firearms. One of the men had the serial number on his weapon defaced.

This officer was thought to have been participating in drug dealer rip-offs.

His spouse naturally blamed it on hip hop music.

Our second entry from New York is the officer who while visiting D.C. shoots a teenage mugger but leaves the scene only reporting that he discharged his weapon in another city days later.

On the note of "..the only one professional enough... to handle a Glock .40"

Officer in Seattle receives no penalty after she shoots at a homeless man who made fun of her girlfriend while off duty.

The officer starts with leaving out the germaine facts:

Fulmer, 35, flagged down officers during the early-morning incident but didn't tell them she was armed or had fired her gun, even when they asked if she was "packing," a slang term for carrying a gun.
She then begins to find out if she perhaps caught on tape attempting homocide on her heckler:

Shortly after, the 14-year veteran asked a sergeant if there were surveillance cameras in the area, according to department memorandums obtained by The Seattle Times on Friday under a public-disclosure request.

After she got home, Fulmer contacted a police union representative and then reported to a lieutenant that she had accidentally fired her gun.

Fulmer told investigators she dropped her .38-caliber revolver and accidentally fired it once while picking it up as she chased the panhandler about 1:15 a.m. She said the panhandler had struck her companion, an off-duty Snohomish County sheriff's deputy, with a glass juice bottle while aggressively seeking money from them and making derogatory remarks about two women being together.

The panhandler, who was arrested, told police both women had lunged at him before he swung the bottle in self-defense. No charges were brought against him.

The story of the homeless man here has a great deal more credibility in light of the officer essentially asking "was I caught" when referring to surveillance video.

Not to worry though this bright light service to the community got off with only a fifteen day suspension for an attempted homocide, filing a false police report leading to the wrongful arrest of the panhandler:

Kerlikowske found Fulmer guilty of engaging in conduct unbecoming an officer and violating department rules on reporting the discharge of firearms. He also found she had used a gun for which she had not received department training.

Kerlikowske originally told Fulmer he planned to suspend her for 30 days, the most severe discipline short of firing, but he changed the penalty to 15 days after meeting with her.

And now with more on our public servants:

Florida officer shoots himself in the leg and dies.

Flint officer involved in a bizarre tale and likely scam attempt when he is shot with his own weapon he supposedly reported stolen two years previous. Naturally this brave defender of the public trust is being allowed to retire with full benefits.

From the city that just voted to disarm its populace recently (San Francisco) an officer is charged with four more felonies for abducting and forcing a woman to perform sex acts while on he was on duty. Apparently the officer could not wait for a female DUI suspect and the proverbial quid pro quo.

Collegiate Gender Mix and Title IX

This article is a good read on the growing gender gap in higher education.

The point of the article is that 60% of collegiate and university admissions are women.

When this imbalance was exactly the reverse, that is that 60%+ were men in the early ninteteen-seventies, Title IX was created to level the playing field.

Note that there is no cry for achieving any balance between the genders from the left.

A great article overrall.

I find it shallow to say the least that the author noted one of the significant societal impacts in this trend is that women will not find a man of equal social standing to date.

By way of Instapundit.

It makes me wonder when the "feminists" and the American left will realize the despised gender they contintually attempt to marginalize is comprised of their sons, grandsons, brothers, husbands , nephews and fathers?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mad Bob Mugabe Gored By Goat

Zimbabwe's evil and insane dictator has apparently been victimized by a randy goat.

When Comrade Bob failed to enjoy the amorous attention of the billy goat and began to strike at it with a bottle of water the goat managed to gore his scrotum and puncture his large intestine.

By way of the ZimDaily:

He was holding a bottle of water, when a Billy goat developed a profound interest and chose to pursue it. Whilst Bob swung the bottle at the goat, it quickly and sharply pierced Bob's scrotum, and large bowel. Mugabe's notorious bodyguards seemed unable to prevent the attack as the goat lunged towards the president, perhaps the goat should be handling his security in future. By the time they reached Christmas pass outside mutare, the President was in horrible pain and had to be rushed to a secret location in Mutare for medical treatment.
It could not have happened to someone more deserving.

Sic Semper Tyrannis.

My apologies to my readers I just could not resist ending on that note.

Commie Holiday

Coyote Blog has a great post on the Marxist nature of Kwanzaa.

While I do not care about what people consider their holidays, I will take time to point out that Marxist notions have been rather thoroughly repudiated by history.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Handel's Messiah

As a tradition I listen to Handel's Messiah on Christmas.

This music captivates me with its tale of the reverence for our Lord and birth of our Savior.

George Frideric Handel wrote the Messiah more than 250 years ago after having a stroke which rendered him partially paralyzed.

Adding to his achievement as a tribute to the Glory of God and his greatest gift to man, the birth of His only begotten Son, was that it was accomplished as an act of will on the part of Handel.

During a low ebb of his career, without patronage, Handel wrote the Messiah while he cloistered himself away for 21 days.

From Wikipedia

" is the accepted practice for the audience to stand for this section during a performance. Tradition has it that on first hearing the chorus, King George II rose to his feet to honor Jesus as Sovereign, according to the custom that calls for those of lower status to stand in the presence of royalty. Upon the king's rising, the rest of the audience arose as well to affirm the Hallelujah Chorus' proclaimation of Jesus as the "King of kings and Lord of lords."

A truly miraculouos act of faith and praise which I include in my celebration of Christ's Nativity.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Birth of Jesus Christ

Tomorrow is the day on which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the promised Messiah.

The story of the birth of our Messiah is available on the net for those that do not own a bible.

As opposed to commercialization of the holiday with gift purchases, light decorations and "holiday parties" we celebrate the birth of the Son of God who redeems us from our sins through his sacrifice.

While others may point to the incorporation of pagan symbols into the present day celebration of Christmas (Winter Solstice, "Christmas aka Yule Tree, Gift giving of the Manicheans of Europe, Saturnalia) this is more an example of successful growth of the faith.

A chronology of the life of Jesus Christ is available here.

Merry Christmas.

New England States Experience Population Decline

It is no surprise that the more liberal states in the Union are experiencing population decline.

As the business climate becomes less and less friendly in these near socialist states, companies move taking their jobs with them. Few new companies would start up in an area where the costs of doing business including burdensome regulation are atrocious.
Note a population decline in the face of immigration an unprecedented influx of immigrants irrespective of their legality is unheard of.

Specifically these states are Massachussets and
New York.

Other areas including the District of Columbia have also expereinced a similar decline.

This means fewer seats in the House of Representatives and less federal funding for these states.

As opposed to making the states in the South more leftward leaning, I anticipate the loss of population in the New England states far more likely to be those dissatisfied with the political and economic climate e.g. those more centrist and conservative.

This spells big trouble for the American left as their own party consolidation pushes them further to the left.

Perhaps in the next twenty years as population shifts to the south a legitimate competitor to the two current parties will evolve.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Arizona Governor Illegal Immigration Dodges

Espresso Pundit has an oustanding report on Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano's incessant shifting of her stance on illegal immigration.

Much of this no doubt is due to fact she likely would not have been elected without illegal immigrants voting for her.

From Espresso Pundit:

Round off, Flip Flop, Double Back with a Full Twist

Governor Napolitano added another trick to her immigration gymnastics routine this week. But first let's review the women's floor event thus far.

Fall 2004

Governor Napolitano Opposes Proposition 200.

Spring 2005

Governor Napolitano vetoes the bills that implement Prop 200.

She vetoed SB 1186 which incorporated into statute Prop 200 requirements for proof of citizenship when registering to vote?

...Vetoed SB 1306 Which would have allowed police officers to enforce immigration laws.

...Vetoed SB 1511 which would have banned state agencies and law enforcement from accepting consular ID Cards.

....Vetoed HB 2709 which would have built a prison in Mexico to house undocumented immigrant criminals.

...Vetoed SB 1118 which would have prevented people from casting a provisional ballot if they could not produce ID.

...Vetoed HB 2030 which would have banned undocumented immigrants from adult courses and government-sponsored benefits and prevented them from paying reduced in-state tuition.

Summer 2005

Governor Napolitano calls a private summit of law enforcement agencies to address illegal immigration….but doesn't attend because she is traveling to Moscow. Key legislative leaders are not invited but show up anyway and are turned away by DPS.

August 2005

Governor Napolitano criticizes the federal government for "moving too slow" on border security, and declares a state of emergency along Arizona's border with Mexico.

September 6, 2005

Ignoring her previous opposition and conveniently forgetting half a dozen vetoes, the Governor's office claimes that:

"The governor has vigorously enforced Proposition 200 in every way she has been asked to as the law requires.

September 20, 2005

The Governor asks for Huricane Katrina relief funding to be diverted to the “disaster” on Arizona’s border.

Later that month

JD Hayworth expresses outrage at her Katrina play and says she is no better than the looters.

A FEMA spokesman said while FEMA would review any request the state would file, the request for federal disaster aid dollars is inappropriate. "This is not the intent of the law,’’

November 15, 2005

Governor Napolitano quietly drops her request for "disaster" relief, and continues to insist that the issue requires a federal solution "The federal government has failed in its responsibility in securing our border,’’

December 22, 2005

The federal government votes to secure the border by adding 700 miles to the existing walls.

Mexican officials oppose the plan and after Hectoring the Bush administration and Arizona's congressional delegation for months that they must secure the border...the Governor sides with the Mexican Government.

The governor also found herself in agreement with several officials from the Mexican government who denounced the whole idea of a border wall. That includes Mexican President Vicente Fox who called the idea "disgraceful'' and "shameful.''

The governor said Wednesday the proposal, part of a House bill approved by a 239-182 vote, would be a waste of money.

Full Twisting Back Flip

This latest double back flip dismount gets additional points for an enhanced degree of difficulty because it contains a full twist.

The full twist occurred during the back flip when she briefly compared the border wall the the Berlin Wall.

She recalled 1987 speech by then President Reagan, standing near the Brandenburg Gate, at the Berlin Wall. There, Reagan called upon the head of the Soviet Union to "tear down this wall.'

But when pressed, Napolitano insisted she was not comparing the plan to build a fence to keep illegal entrants out of the United States from the wall which kept citizens of Communist East Germany in from escaping to the West.

"You know what?'' she said. "Forget that. It was a comment that, we'll just go on.''

Somehow I don't think that will be the last time we hear the Governor address a previous immigration statement with the words....

"You know what?'' "Forget that. It was a comment that, we'll just go on.''

Yes, I guess we'll just go on.

Mexican President Voices Opposition to Border Wall

Congress has amazingly began taking action to curb the rampant violation by smugglers of humans and drugs across our border with Mexico.

Plans for a two fence obstacle including high tech surveillance of the wall area , its approaches from the South and the no man's land in between the fences are moving through Congress.

Mexico's President Vincente Fox first to cry out against the enhanced border security. He was shortly followed by others such as

Luis Ernesto Derbez, echoed his complaints on Tuesday.

"Mexico is not going to bear, it is not going to permit, and it will not allow a stupid thing like this wall," Derbez said.

"What has to be done is to raise a storm of criticism, as is already happening, against this," he said, promising to turn the international community against the plan.

Mexico not going to allow us to build a wall on our side of the border?

I would say this question was decided during the Mexican American War.

In fact for the territory added to the United States we even compensated Mexico for details see the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

For those that do not recall studying the Mexican American War here is a brief synopsis:

Mexican troops cross border into Texas which recently had gained independence from Mexico and became a member state of the United States by treaty. A battle ensues and this act of naked aggression is met by large numbers of volunteer militias from various states and the regular U.S. Army, Navy and Marines.

Despite Mexico's Army outnumbering the United States' Armed forces more than five times over the United States military forces routed the Mexican Army at nearly every turn.

At the Battle of Chihuaha Alexander Doniphan led the Missouri Volunteers numbering approximately 300 men into an attack upon Mexican forces estimated at 1200. During the course of the battle the Mexican forces were routed suffering 300 dead and another 300 wounded while the Missouri Volunteers suffered one killed and five wounded.

The will of the citizens of the United States is calling overwhelmingly for improved border security.

Leaving aside the crime, depression of wages for unskilled and semi-skilled workers and negative impact of providing social services to the massive influx of illegal aliens which would negate any presumed benefit of less expensive labor, it is known that nearly half those caught crossing the border illegally are euphemistically referred to as OTM by the Border Patrol. OTM stands for Other Than Mexican.

That's right we have a gaping security chasm to our South that allows people from southwestern Asia, China and every other country to cross with impunity and nearly without fear of detection.

Its time we stopped this madness and a solid physical barrier is the first step.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tonights Pleasantries Brought To You By...

This evenings thoughts are brought to you by Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale and La Gloria Cubana's Series R No. 6 Maduro Cigars.

Two examples of how the Almighty and His Son love us.

With Allies Like These...

Germany recently released a terrorist serving a life sentence for hijacking an aircraft and killing a United States Navy Steelworker 2nd Class (DV) Robert Dean Stethem, 23, of Waldorf, Md.

This is no doubt a quid pro quo for the release of a German national who is currently being held by terrorists in Iraq.

Hamadi wanted by the United States was secretly released to Lebanon by our "allies" the Germans.

This is is one of the reasons you will note an absence of praise for the products of Germany on this site.

I support the products of countries which strive to be free from tyranny not bow down to it.

Should those operating a Predator have unexpended ordinance and happen to find this oxygen thief and remove him from the gene pool you may look me up for a donation of congratulatory beverages on your worthy act in the defense of the innocent and free.

Pope Benedict XVI

No one can claim the new Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, is a man without the common touch.

He was seen sporting a Santa style hat.

A subtle reminder for those that pay attention to the reason for this joyous celebration of Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Of course other photos of the Pontiff reminded you that those with this office have also had to call down upon the wicked temporal judgement.

In this photo I am lead to believe the Holy Father's patience should not be pushed lest he call down upon a thee a Holy Crusade.

The Vatican website has information on the Christmas Season.

Merry Christmas.

NORAD's Santa Tracker

In the early years of the Cold War against the Totalitarian regimes of the East operating under the guise of Communism it was necessary to avoid any misunderstanding that might lead to nuclear annihilation for much of the world.

In order to accomplish this efforts were made to identify all Aerospace traffic.

Naturally this included Santa Claus, lest his yearly travels at high speed around the world on Christmas Eve be mistaken for a communist attack.

Born of this effort to safeguard the freedom of the West and avoid any misunderstanding is the Santa Tracking program.


For several years now I have enjoyed watching NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command) track Santa on December 24th.

This is alot of fun for the boys and Girls and I recommend it for all those with the twinkle of youth in the eye.

Stupid Cop Tricks III

Its time for another astounding episode of Stupid Cop Tricks.

First and foremost on the list is the perennial den of corruption East Saint Louis and its own former Police Chief who obstructed prosecution of Ayoub "Dave" Qattom, a known felon and criminal alien, in posession of a firearm.
Authorities accused Matthews of commandeering the local investigation of Qattoum's arrest after Qattoum, a Jordanian national, expressed fear that U.S. immigration officials had learned of his legal troubles and might have him deported. Prosecutors also alleged that Matthews refused to submit the case to local prosecutors for review, and hid from grand jurors and immigration officials the gun seized from Qattoum, falsely claiming the weapon was lost or stolen.

This is naturally due to the convicted felon in posession of a firearms propensity for generosity to those that ran the machine in East St. Louis. The former Police Chielf of East St. Louis faces up to thirty years in prison for perjury and obstruction of justice.

Yet another officer leaves his credentials and firearm in his vehicle and has it stolen

Back to corruption from our brief nod to criminal incompetence we have another police executive convicted of corruption. A Virginia former sherrif steals an AR-15 carbine when he retires and pleads guilty.

A return to incompetence as a Laramie Police Chief leaves his firearm in the restroom of a restaurant.

Another fine example of weapon handling by 'the only one's professional enough to handle...a Glock .40' where a New Mexico officer shoots himself with the proverbial unloaded weapon.

And ending our parade of the foolish, incompetent and/or corrupt is the TSA who let a man in Phoenix board a plane with a loaded 9mm pistol.

Greatful hat tip to Keep and Bear Arms.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Immigration and Customs Enforcement At Work

Apparently there is a stepped up level of activity by ICE to remove criminal illegal aliens from our nation.

ICE captures criminal illegal alien who is sentenced to 8 1/2 years after which he will be deported again.

ICE captures 8 criminal illegal aliens who reentered the United States. They can face up to 20 years in prison.

This is a good start on making our borders mean something.

Now if we add lengthy forced labor sentences to first time offenders, something like a penal CCC, where illegal aliens work up to a year before being deported there will be a reason to immigrate legally.

Hat tip to Polipundit

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Cocoa and Schnapps

I am enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint schnapps.

Just the thing to take the chill off.


Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love

Clayton Cramer has this amusing tale regarding the City of Brotherly Love.

Humor About PhiladelphiaI've had some less than positive things to say about Philadelphia, but overall, it was just ugly and a little scary. (If I hadn't been armed just about the whole time I was there, it might have been a lot scarier.) A reader contributes this:
My wife, who had the misfortune of working in Philadelphia for her first few jobs out of law school always thought that Philly should change its tourism slogan to"Philadelphia, The City That Hates You Back"Her tales of aggressive pan handlers, shocking poverty, rudeness from pretty much everyone, rampant public urination & defacation (including on the commuter trains) was best summed up when she told me that "Philadelphia just assaults you with its urbanness."Like David Brenner jokes, "In New York, you ask somebody for the time, they'll ignore you. In Philly, they answer you with, 'What's the matter? You can buy a *&$&^% watch!' "

Yes that is the Phildelphia that I recall not so fondly.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Reported Failed Assasination of Iranian President

The former hostage taker and all around nutjob in charge in Iran reportedly had an attempt made on his life.

Bodyguards were killed but somehow they missed the nutjob.

This is most likely one of two things:

1) An attempt to make an excuse for war agaist Israel and maybe the "Infidel Crusaders" in Iraq.

Its an old trick to drum up some fake pretense before attacking another country. No doubt one of the Iranian president's role models, Josef Stalin, used one like this to invade Finland.

2) The mullah's in charge of Iran are actually worried that this crazy bastard may start a war and they will find out whether their metaphysical assumptions were correct or not and they put a hit on him.

Always good to have another martyr don't you know.

Either way I am unconcerned by this development.

We'll either eliminate them as a political entity in the case of a nuclear attack or isolate them, develop democratic subversisve elements in their nation and let the mullahs become irrelvant.

My money is on the latter.

Secular Bringer of World Peace

I have pondered this concept for a long time.

I think it is ready to be shared.

The one secular power that can bring world peace is the Bacon Cheeseburger.

That's right the Bacon Cheeseburger.

All the hatred and violence in Middle East would end as everyone had their love for the Bacon Cheeseburger in common.

But, its just a theory.

I wonder if I could get a grant or endowment to develop this tool of world peace?

Blood Alcohol Content Nonsense

As I have known for over a decade continual lowering of allowable blood alcohol contents for those operating motor vehicles results in zero safety gain.

This may fly in the face of the common perception but the reality starkly rejects the less and less lucid rantings of MADD.

The vast preponderance of those caught for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol have a Blood Alcohol Content in excess of .15.

That's right nearly double the legal limit.

The average for my home county in Missouri was .156 after adopting the .08 standard for intoxication.

In other words police catch no one with a blood alcohol content of .08 unless it is in one of their roadblocks.

More on this topic here.

I do not advocate drinking and driving.

I do advocate the use of common sense while legislating.

More On Rioting Down Under

Here is a link to an excellent description of immigrant populations assimilating and their relative rates of intermarriage in subsequent generations; The Anglosphere.

Here is the "money quote" as the author so cheekily puts it:

Outside the ethnic enclaves, instead of racist or ethnocentric attitudes to newcomers, old Australians were working with, marrying and having children with them.

Studies by Monash University's Bob Birrell of the most revealing test of immigrant integration, the marriage rate, showed that by the end of the '90s less than 10 per cent of second-generation marriages of people of European descent were to someone from their parents' country. Much the same was true of immigrants from south and east Asia. Only 6 per cent of Indians married within their ethnic group, as did only 18 per cent of Chinese. In short, most immigrants, whatever their race, married Australians of other nationalities.

However, for the Lebanese, of whom most of marriageable age were Muslims, these figures were reversed. No less than 74 per cent of Lebanese brides and 61 per cent of Lebanese grooms married within their own ethnic group. Moreover, these figures had increased since the early '90s, when they were about six percentage points lower. This pattern may have fulfilled the community-building objective sought by Lebanese political and religious leaders, but it has been a disaster for their constituents' relationship with the rest of Australia.

Put this week's beachside violence into its political and social context, and the conclusion is clear. It is not race that is the problem but culture. Multiracialism has been a success in contemporary Australia but multiculturalism has been an abject failure.

Democracy, immigration, multiculturalism. Pick any two

emphasis added

As I have often said, the issue is assimilation not immigration.

Another Look At Reproductive Freedom and Men

I have previously posted regarding the captivity of men and the suppression of any choice on our part in the realm of reproductive choice.

Others have posted their outlook on the discrepancies seen between men and women's choice in the reproductive process.

Casting aside the establishment's position that men make their reproductive choice when they engage in sexual congress with the opposite sex and its intendant captivity to our biological drives, an argument that is not tolerated for women, other views on the reproductive process and men are founded more on the practical rather than idealogical.

Rather than crying out for an elective participation in reproductive choice for men, Dalton Conley espouses the concept that there are indeed inequities in life both genders must experience forced by our different biological functions.

For men this inequity is to be held financially responsible for unwanted pregancies.

For woment this is accepting that child rearing is the root cause of inequities in compensation between men and women (women make approximately $.75 for every $1.00 made by men). The loss or potential loss in productivity, availability to work and loss in promotional opportunity are an inequity that must be accepted by women.

Although I do not agree with Mr. Dalton his article and to my knowledge its unique perspective, is worth reading in its entirety.

Ommegang...Belgian Abbey Ale brewed in the USA

I just enjoyed an Ommegang Belgian Abbey style ale.

Great craftsmanship.

A splendid accompiament to cool night air, fine company and enjoyable smoke.

Another Item For Chirstmas List When The NFA is Repealed

Here is an item for my Christmas List when the joyous day comes when the National Firearms Act of 1934 is repealed or ruled unconstitutional; the FN Mk48 mod0.

A Minimi scaled up for 7.62x51mm (.308 Winchester). Hubba Hubba.

Good Things From Belgium

Belgium has long been a provider of fine goods.

Even before Fabrique Nationale purchsed rights to manufacturing the legendary designs of John Moses Browning, Belgium was known for its firearms manufacturers.

I own one of their products, made under license by South Africa, the Fabrique National Fusil Automatique Leger or for us English speakers the Light Automatic Rifle.

Other weapons designed and either built by FN Herstal or under license include two weapons currently serving our forces fight against tyranny in the Middle East; the FN MAG aka M240 General Purpose Machine Gun and the Minimi aka M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.

Like much of Europe and the rest of the world for that matter, Belgium has struggled against terrorist cells among its unassimilated immigrant population. Citizens or no these individuals do not hold any allegiance to the country which accepted them to its bosom. This ingratitude should be rewarded by scourging of these terrorist factions and swift deportation back to the point of origin for criminal elements.

I had the opportunity to refamiliarize myself with some of the fruits of Belgian Labor, namely their beer.

I just enjoyed Chimay beer which is made by Trappist monks as they labor in total silence obedient to their oath to God, in each of its three variations (that I found anyway).

All were enjoyable their pilsner-esque version, identified by its light colored label, was delightful, posessing a light hoppy aroma and for a pilsner quite full flavore.

Their more traditional ale-like offering was outstanding. This beer is just the thing to enjoy on a cool evening while enjoying a cigar. The closes I have had of late to this is the seasonal Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.

I ask you all to remember the find products of Belgium during your next shopping trip. Assist me in supporting nations in their fight against tyranny and oppression by purchasing the fruits of their labor.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Chicago Pulls Retired Cops Carry License

Apparently the city of Chicago, festering sore of crime in Illinois, has decided to no longer allow retired police officers to carry firearms.

Retired Chicago Police officers will be getting letters in the mail soon saying the city won't certify them to carry guns -- a move that angers the head of the local Fraternal Order of Police.

Congress passed the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 to allow retired and off-duty officers across the country to carry concealed weapons.

But the city is worried about the liability of allowing retired cops to carry guns when they haven't gone through refresher training or undergone mental and physical fitness evaluations. The city also is concerned about the lack of a national database of retired officers authorized to carry guns.

Link. Hat tip to Alphecca

Not even those that served the powers that be in Chicago until retirement are now being trusted with firearms. This is very amusing to me since Chicago requiresits police force to actually live within the city limits.

Just another sign that big city liberal governments hold themselves above any citizens.

Perhaps now the police force in Chicago will understand that they too are "civilians" and no different from average joe seeking protection for his or her family and property.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Unassimilated Immigrants from SW Asia Rioting Down Under

The unassimilated immigrants from Southwestern Asia in Australia have sparked rioting akin to what was seen in France.

After declaring that a beach now belonged to the muslim immigrants the mob began taunting beach goers.

The while berating and harassing women at the beach the unassimilated immigrants were confronted by the lifeguards, in Australia a volunteer position with a large amount of respect from the community. The taunts turned to an assault upon the lifeguards by the mob of "middle eastern" looking young men.

Unlike in France the Aussie citizens themselves responded by calling up friends and confronting the ne'er-do-wells directly. It is good that they did in light of the total lack of response by their government to this harassment.

Perhaps the French will learn a lesson and confront the unassimilated, terrorist wannabes in their midst.

It appears they might by making a step in the right direction by arresting twenty terrorists-to-be. Hat tip to Little Green Footballs.

Crips Founder Denied Clemency

Crips founder Tookie Williams has been denied clemency by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold must have realized there was nothing to gain by providing this unrepentant thug with life in prison rather than the death penalty.

Mediacrats and various left wing talking heads have been harping about possible violence if Tookie gets offed.

Apparently the Governator has called their bluff.

I find it unlikely Arnold would hold back on calling out the National Guard to suppress rioting by the gang elements in California.

That and I doubt there is any loyalty within the gangs ranks to override their interest in self preservation and self interest e.g. there is no percentage in rioting over another dead gangstah.


After some difficulty getting the needle into Tookie's arm due to his weightlifting, the execution proceeded.

Tookie Williams payed for the murders of his four victims (that we know of).

For those who say the death penalty does not perform any useful function I have the following answers:

-When the death penalty is used you permanently remove a threat to the community (and from the gene pool).

-No the death penalty is not a deterrent it is a punishment

-Many cite religious reasons for forgiving those their crimes. I could not agree more we can find forgiveness in our hearts for these vermin. However that does not mean we do not punish them.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


There are several reasons I revere the name Charelemagne.

The first being that Charlemagne, grandson of Charles Martel, yes he was named Charles the Hammer by his followers, who fought to unify Christendom.

The second being that Charlemagne is the namesake of one of my favorite cigars; La Gloria Cubana Charlemagne (maduros).



Pass the word.

Monkey Business

While not a big wine afficionado I do enjoy some from time to time.

Now I am enjoying a pleasant little Merlot with the name of Monkey Business.

Yes, I am one of the people who select wine based on the label.

Of course more often I ask the gentlemen at my local delicacies grocery what I should purchase.

All I have to do is give them ingredients or a brief run down on the menu and Shazzaaam they have a suggestion.

Great big hat tip to Rick, Ron and Lou from A.J.'s near me.

ShadeTree Mechanic

One of those little chores in life I despise is repairing automobiles.

I have had too much opportunity in the past to do so.

To minimize the angst generated I troubleshoot issues based on "fix the cheapest first".

Replacing the least expensive link in the chain is the best way to start.

Unfortunately in this last case it worked to the extent that I spent an additional $200 in parts.

Of course that is still $250 less, at the minimum, then I would have been charged to have it fixed by an automotive repair shop.

All it cost me was time, a little flesh from fingers and an additional ten points in blood pressure.

The "it" by the way was a power car window.

The common wisdom was this would be a power window motor aka regulator.

Tearing the door apart and replacing the window regulator did not produce the desire result.

The next step was to remove and tear down the power window switch assembly. Sure enough it had a burnt contact in the "up" position.

I used sand paper to clean the contact and what do I get? Sparks, that's right the precursor to fire, rather than a window rolling up.

Okay, I thought, time to get a new door/window switch.

I checked the parts stores and they didn't carry it.

I called the appropriate dealership and they have them but there are several possible models. I check the part numbers on min and am informed the item is $180. Gah!

I checked ebay and the item is $70 not including shipping or that the item will work.

Best to buy the appropriate one that is "known good".

I purchase it, put it into place and voila power windows work again.

It could have been much worse.

Luckily this time I had help. Help amouonted to someone yelling a Tourtette's laden screech whenever I said, "Now please". Not having to do my own swearing took a bit of the work off my mind.

It all could have been far worse. I could have been troubleshooting electrical systems on a British car.

British cars are without doubt the very proof of the existence of a malevolent evil force in life. Or perhaps it is just grandiose, indifferent, ineptitude.

Luckily the British are far better at beer than they are engineering.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Canadian Liberals Move to Ban Handguns

All those times in the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and the current decade when you have heard that registering firearms in the fine neighboring country to our North will not lead to an outright ban and confiscation, well as predicted by everyone with common sense, the Liberal's lies about their "common sense gun control" have been exposed.

The Canadian Liberals are moving to ban handguns.

There is no political move to garner support during their on going flagellation by the media over their various scandals, the Liberal party already has the support of all those that would favor this measure.

The only thing this will do is further alienate Western Canada.

The only surprise in this is that Canada waited this long to make their move to confiscate hanguns since Canada has required registering of handguns since the 1930's.

The accomplishment the liberals will achieve will be of course to enhance the burgeoning black market in arms in countries where they ban or otherwise heavily restrict firearms.

Hat Tip Volokh Conspiracy. More here from Volokh Conspiracy

Iran's 20 Year Nuclear Effort

Iran's opposition party has assisted in producing this video regarding the Iranian 20 year effort to create a nuclear weapon.

Watch the video here.

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs.

The video ends with supposition that Israel is holding a preemptive strike on the grounds it wants to see what happens in talks with Europe. If this is accurate then you can guarantee that the strike is an inevitability.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Budding Rap Star Meets Chlorine in the Gene Pool

Someone has once again removed themselves from the gene pool by pointing a firearm at their own head.

A young man whose father should have taught him better firearms handling placed the "Pen Gun" against his own head and tried to trigger the weapon.

Unfortunately a subsequent attempt to trigger the weapon worked.

The first rule of safety is

1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
This is the primary rule of gun safety. A safe direction means that the gun is pointed so that even if it were to go off it would not cause injury or damage. The key to this rule is to control where the muzzle or front end of the barrel is pointed at all times. Common sense dictates the safest direction, depending on different circumstances.

He died shortly thereafter at a local hospital.

The NRA's list of firearms safety rules

Monday, December 05, 2005

Iran's feeling Froggy

It appears Iran's mullahs and president-hostage taker are feeling froggy, proclaiming their impatience with the EU and any interference about their nuclear weapons development.

While Iran's ruling nutjobs are touting that they are only a few months from having nuclear weapons capability they should be considering that they are as likely to be only a few months from getting nuked

The recent purchase of TOR M1 missiles from Russia is not much of a deterrent to any strike. Certainly the vehicle mounted radar screams "shoot me!".

Nice to know we are building up their old worst enemy again. Perhaps these two will be able to keep each other entertained for another eight years.

Whack-A-Mole, Islamic Terrorist Edition

Apparently those fighting the forces of evil have been as successful as they are busy of late.

Apparently the spiritual mis-leader who was known as the "Imam of the Chechen mujihadeen" was cornered like a rat by Russian security forces and blew himself up.

This is one of the subhuman vermin who was involved with the Beslan School Number One atrocity where over 300 hundred were killed including 186 children.

The CounterTerror blog has a great article on it. Read the whole thing.

This on top of AQ's # 3 man being zapped reportedly by a hellfire missile fired from a Predator drone.

Still no confirmation on whether we bagged Musab Al Zarqawi or not. I would guess we did not bag him which is unfortunate since the window of opportunity after his own clan disowned him is likely closed.

Here's a fond wish that these late unlamented terrorists will soon be greeting all their friends and associates in Hell very soon.

Not mentioned much in the news is reports that an airline pilot reported he was fired at by a missile while taking off from LAX.


I knew it.

Really only suspected.

Here someone has posted their documentation.