Thursday, November 10, 2005

U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe Pulls No Punches

This is the first time I have seen anyone at the U.S. State Department actually stand up to a dictator.

Usually we see wording that skates the issue. Instead Ambassador Dell took on the despot running Zimbabwe head on in his speech which is truly worthy of your time to read...

What has been the cause of Zimbabwe’s unprecedented economic descent?

The answer is really quite simple, as well as quite shocking: Neither drought nor sanctions are at the root of Zimbabwe’s decline. The Zimbabwe government’s own gross mismanagement of the economy and its corrupt rule has brought on the crisis.

The examples of misguided economic decision making since the 1990s are manifold and well documented. The fiscally reckless, massive, unbudgeted payout to war veterans in 1997 is often cited as the beginning of the economic decline. Zimbabwe’s costly misadventure in the Democratic Republic of Congo followed soon after. It was also during this period that the parallel foreign exchange market emerged.

The government’s policy of land seizures and tolerance for chaotic disruptions on commercial farms led to the collapse in food production. The impact of the farm invasions has extended beyond food security, beyond Zimbabwe’s balance of payments crisis, and beyond the plight of the thousands of individual expropriated farm owners. The land grab has intensified the suffering of Zimbabwe’s most vulnerable segments of society – the rural and urban poor.

See A Chequer Board of Night and Day for more

For speaking the truth Ambassador Dell has received credible threats against his well being. This being Zimbabwe if Comrade Bob says something bad could happen to you it will be taken as more than a suggestion by the government thugs.

I doubt this would have happened under Colin Powell's tutelage.

Perhaps a conservative lady's touch is exactly what the State Department needed.

Zimbabwe's despot Comrade Bob (see our earlier posts regarding Bizarre Love Triangle) has deliberately destroyed the economy of his country by running out foreign investment and destroying the commercial farming.

The destruction of the economy was accomplished naturally by force using government sponsored thugs, so called "War Veterans" who we were to believe were veterans of the Second Chimurenga aka Rhodesian Bush War. If you look at the photos you will note that most of those thugs were fifteen to twenty years too young to have particpated in a war that ended in 1980. These thugs invaded commercial farms, burn down homes with the families inside, raped the women, killed farm workers, etc all in order to drive off the one successful commercial element in Zimbabwe.

Of course what this accomplished was mass spread starvation and further lining of pockets for Comrade Bob's inner circle who were given the pick of the now available farms.

Yes land reform is a great issue among the landless populace, however the government would have been better served opening up virgin land than destroying its only thriving export market (agriculture).

Perhaps there will be greater economic and political pressure on Zimbabwe now that our efforts in Iraq are slowly bearing fruit.

So three cheers for Ambassador Dell; Hip Hip Huzzah! Hip Hip Huzzah! Hip Hip Huzzah!

Hat Tip: Instapundit

Update: more here at ZWNews

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