Friday, November 04, 2005

Stupid Cop Tricks

Those who believe the general populace cannot be trusted with effective arms and that only the beknighted guardians of our laws (police forces) should have weapons might want to rethink their position.

There is a long list of abuse of power stories available regarding our wear-black-dress-like-a-stormtrooper-coolness cops but I find the simple illustrations of their incompetence the most edifying.

From the wise man at Massbackwards

PEMBROKE -— Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald on Sunday night confirmed that the gun of a Plymouth County deputy sheriff lost in Pembroke Thursday night has been recovered by the Weymouth police after it was dropped in a mailbox.

McDonald said Pembroke police on Sunday received an anonymous phone call that the 40 caliber Glock handgun had been dropped off at a specific mailbox.

This is almost as funny as the stolen MP-5 submachineguns, 40mm grenade launchers, body armor and pistols the FBI lost when they left them in their suburban while having dinner in 1997.

Since we are on the topic of numbskull police agents, here is an oldie but a goodie, the DEA agent who while demonstrating firearms safety in a school shoots himself in the leg with an "unloaded weapon". Enjoy the video.

And remember the police officer in the room "is the only one professional enough in this room, that i know of, to carry a Glock .40".

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