Saturday, November 12, 2005

Minuteman Project Operation Nearby

Today while on the way to have my propane tanks refilled I came across a protests by the Minuteman Project.

The area where I had to go to get my propane tanks filled is typically awash in illegal aliens looking to work as "day laborers", people who are picked up by tradesmen, construction industry people and in some cases individual home owners and paid in cash for a single days work.

This is an area where illegal aliens, so called "day laborers" hang out in parking lots, street corners awaiting someone to pick them up for a day of work.

This is despite the fact the the local municpality used tax dollars to erect a "Day Laborer Center" complete with bathrooms, showers, sheltered areas to wait, etc less than a mile away.

I noted that the demonstration was peaceful with everyone being civil. No chanting of epithet filled slogans, no jeering at cars that went by.

Notably the only people jeering were presumably illegal aliens that did not like the fact that a community had come together to protest the lack of enforcement of our borders and immigration policies.

One need only look to France in recent weeks to know that uncontrolled immigration without assimilation of the immigrants is a failed policy a nation may not survive.

I took a moment after conducting my business to speak with some of the protestors. During my conversation my comments regarding illegal aliens I was repeatedly correct by middle aged professional that they were "Day Laborers".

After pedantically being corrected about my terminology, which was accurate if not politically correct enough, my presence was requested at their next event on the following weekend. The same middle aged professional spoke of a nearby Home Depot which drew groups of illegal aliens (up to 150) daily. The middle aged professional ran a business in that location where she was subjected to jeers and lewd inneundo while walking to and from her place of business. The proverbial insult added to injury where she has to don protective clothing to pick up the refuse strewn about daily by the illegal aliens in the environs of her place of business.

I wonder if the municpality every enforced loitering and no trespassing issues?

If indeed they were on private property, uninvited and loitering with appropriate signage indicating so, why wouldn't the city involved arrest them?

My guess is regulations are in place with the local police to not arrest individuals for this activity as a measure to avoid the excrement storm of legal action that the local Mexican consulate loves to encourage.

I fear that our federal government has let this problem become too big.

We now have an entrenched parallel society with little incentive to assimilate (government paperwork in various foreign languages, welfare benefits for non citizens, etc) like previous waves of immigrants have.

There literally are organizations like Mecha who call for the Southwestern United States being taken back by Mexico or otherwise turned into a some socialist paradise for those with ancestry from Central and South America. These same organizations are now looking to the rioting in Paris and salivating at the hope of it occuring here in the United States, substituting hispanics for the maghrebins in Paris.

This experience is in stark contrast to that of a local family business run by naturalized U.S. citizens who immigrated from Vietnam. Upon every visit I am regaled with tales of how one more of their family has passed the citizenship tests and interview process to become a naturalized citizen. That's right there is a test and interview process for citizenship where those wishing to become Americans must demonstrate their understanding of our history and system of government and demonstrate proficiency in English, our nation's defacto if unofficial language.

There currently is discussion to doing away the "Anchor Baby", e.g. birth in the territory of the U.S. of A. automatically conveying citizenship which then acts as a mechanism for preventing the deportation of illegal aliens, and removing other discentives from following proper immigration procedure.

I would not council a change in how we view natural citizenship, however removing the block on deportation of illegal immigrant parents is certainly reasonable.

I am a big fan of immigration personally. I just want those coming to the United States to learn the language, culture and history of their adoptive country, specifically to embrace the "American Dream".

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