Thursday, November 03, 2005

France and the Human Right of Self Defense

In light of the eighth night of riots by muslim immigrants in the suburbs of Paris I think this would be a good time to see what rights the French have to defend themselves.

French firearms laws are close the equivalent of firearms ownership laws in New York or other eastern states (Taxachusets, Illinois, etc). You submit yourself to rigorous testing and background checks to prove you are worthy of defending yourself, your family and property.

Up to and including that you attend the sports club that you are forced join once every two months for six months, having your "ticket punched" proving you are truly a sportsmen.

You are not required to have a permit to purchase 22lr firearms and blackpowder pistols.

Black powder revolvers would be very effective self defense weapons for the french citizenry.These would be a bit problematic in an enclosed space but effective enough as proven in the U.S. Civil War.

I recommend at least a pair of each in every household.

Of course to expedite reloading you may be able to purchase additional cylinders that could be preloaded for faster reloads.

A link to a French vendor of firearms in Calais

By browsing this site I was able to determine that revolvers and shotguns that would be effective for home defense are available at affordable prices provided you have the carnet de tir, a license to own category 4 and 1 firearms, and stamp every two months from your shooting club.

Essentially the government does not trust its citoyens with the ability to defend themselves

Certain calibers are forbidden strictly because they are considered military calibers. Among these are .45acp, 9mm, 7.62, etc.

While viewing a french supplier of weapons site I noted alternate calibers available for self defense akin to the use of .38super in Mexico in lieu of 9mm being unavailable as a military caliber.

This is likely to include .223 aka 5.56x45mm as used in the French assault Rifle FAMAS referred to as the Clairon or "bugle" by French soldiers.

Essentially all the truly effective weapons you would need to defend your family in a riot are outside of the reach of French citizens.

An abominable disregard for Human Rights in a time when the government is failing to put down this insurrection.

I sincerely pray this will lead to the French citizenry demanding access to the appropriate weapons to defend their familiies and property and being granted this basic right.

Otherwise I fear France will go the way of Lebanon in the 1970s and 1980s.

Firearms laws in Brittany (a French province)


Cardiff Giant said...

Dear Ron,

Which of our beloved U.S. States have the worst gun control laws and the most limitations on what we can own as private citizens?

- Slob

roninaz said...

Washington D.C. has the strictest ban on firearms known in the United States of America.

Likely followed by New York City.

Then you can look state to state and determine which are the worst.

I have decided to answer your query in a more concise fashion with a new post so please check the main page.

brentcu said...

This may be almost four years old, but if someone else is looking for info on French gun laws they might find this page, just like I did.

I live in rural France. Nearly every house out here has a shotgun. You didn't mention those, but they are fine for home defense. Crime here in rural France is very low. If only more city folk hunted...

Owning a firearm for home defense seems easy enough, even if you have to show up at a gun club three times to get a permit. If you want you can get .44 caliber handguns (they are classified 'non-military'). Or the aforementioned shotgun.

The problem is, what is the legal position once you shoot a perp? That's what I am trying to figure out.