Friday, November 04, 2005

Firearm Laws State by State

Per a request from a kind blogger we will be covering firearms laws state by state.

The first note I would like our readers to take is that thirty-eight states (38) now have "shall issue" concealed carry weapons licenses that must be issued by any qualifying citizen e.g. not a felon and pass the required safety course.

This leaves twelve states out of our union which do not recognize the Human Right to Self Defense in that they do not allow concealed carry of firearms by their citizens. In these states it is either totally prohibited or is a special dispensation only provided to the wealthy or politically connected.

Large version of Map courtesy of the NRA

If you live in one of these states (New York, Massachusets, New Jersey, illinois, California, Rhode Island, New Hamspshire, Maryland, Kansas, Nebraska, Michigan and Hawaii) that restricts concealed carry either totally or to those who are connected politically/financially, think about the riots in France and whether or not your state would save your from rampaging homocidal mobs.

Note that any state which partially or totally infringes upon your right to self defense will also otherwise burden you with restrictions. Licensing requirements imposed in some states to determine which level of firearms you can purchase (MA), licensing including references from professionals and friends (NY). Essentially these states while unable to wholly violate the constitution have decided to encumber their citizens to the point their human right to self defense is a whole heartedly violated by state law.

In two cases, Vermont and Alaska, no permit is required to carry concealed, it is recognized as your innate Human Right to Self Defense. May other states including mine follow this enlightened path soon.

As usual a private organization provides the most accurate information regarding state laws and firearms ownership
. Grateful Hat Tip to the NRA.

State by state listing of firearms laws by our civil disservants at the ATFE

I would not trust anything at the ATFE's website since in their information regarding the Brady Law the ATFE fails to note this trampling of our rights expired more than a year ago.


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