Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cowboys and Ak's

The Telegraph, a U.K. based paper, published a story about Arizona cowboys and miners taking up Ak-47's to defend themselves from coyotes and drug smugglers.

The story illustrates the problems on our border with illegal immigration. Setting aside the fact that illegal immigrants break a host of laws by not employing the appropriate process and paperwork to legally immigrate, there are many decent people trying to come to the U.S. of A. for jobs and to start new lives, unfortunately they are under the guidance of a criminal enterprise of one sort or another.

U.S. citizens with property along the border have their safety and property routinely violated. Home invasions, burglaries and attemped murder are frequent events in Southern Arizona as illegal immigrants cross the border. Home owners, ranchers and business proprietors have their property stolen, dogs shot, home looted by the coyote led illegal immigrants.

Routinely law enforcement agents find illegals immigrants and coyotes killed in the desert, not by the brutal sun under which they try to cross in the summer, but from summary executions by the criminal elements involved in cross border traffic.

These same coyotes, people smugglers, are connected to the smugglers of illegal drugs as well. As we all know these individuals have no moral qualms about killing their fellow man.

An initiative is gaining momentum in Washington D.C. to erect a physical barrier, a wall or a fence, to stem the flow of illegal immigration. The president of our neighbor to the south, Vincente Fox, seems quite fearful of tighter border security. Perhaps he fears the long avoided revolution in mexico as the "safety valve" for letting off the discontent, illegal immigration to the U.S. of A., is shut off.

To illustrate the point of illegal immigration's woes and its correlation with crime, while Vincente Fox gave a speech supportive of open immigration to the U.S. and our illegal alien population, a running gun battle occurred on I-10 on the southern outskirts of Phoenix where the El Presidente was appearing with Janet Napolitano, the Arizona Governor, as two groups of smugglers fought over illegal immigrants.

Perhaps it is time for a new Goldwater to become prominent in Arizona politics. Certainly our current Governor does not get it and even with all the advantages of an incumbent is very vulnerable in the next election cycle.

In the long run the U.S. of A. must do a better job of assimilating immigrants or we face the same riots and large percentage of the population within our borders who feel no allegiance to the culture and principles of their host nation as seen in France recently.

We need to discard the multicultural approach to immigration which encouraged enclaves of citizens who do not assimilate and encourage those coming to the U.S. of A. to assimilate, essentially to buy into the American Dream.

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Firehand said...

I tend to agree, the Mexican government has used illegal immigration to the U.S. for years as a safety valve; I think they just about wet their pants at the thought of us actually starting to hammer it at the border. Like we need to.

And no argument, there needs to be a straightforward understanding: you come to this country, you will learn English, and you will assimilate into this overall culture. Period.