Sunday, November 27, 2005

Stupid Cop Tricks

While cruising the web I came across another example of the level of competence posessed by those leftist believes should be the only ones armed; the police.

Here we see the officer covering a suspect while her partner is putting the shackles on him.

Suddenly the weapon discharges while she has it pointed at a restrained criminal and another officer.

Another simple rule of firearm safety violated; never put your finger inside the trigger guard unless you are choosing deliberately to fire at the target.

Here's the video. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Former Canadian Defence Minister claims U.S. to shoot down UFO's

Recently a former Canadian Defence Minister, Paul Hellyer, has claimed that the U.S.'s intentions behind creating a manned base on the Moon is to intercept UFO's coming to the Earth.

His claims include that we know everything about UFO's and have since the storied landings at Roswell, New Mexico.

He is calling for a block on the militarization of space.

Perhaps Mr. Hellyer will be regaling us with his insight into the Nazi Moon Base next.

Personally I think Canada's vaunted state health care system has failed another customer for certainly Mr. Hellyer's meds are outta whack.

Border Insecurity

Recently the U.S. Border Patrol had a dump truck stopped in Texas. In the dump truck was thousands of dollars of marijuana.

Before the USBP could get everything secured a truck full of Mexican military personnel, or those wearing their uniforms came across the border into the United States and using a bulldozer pushed the dump truck back into Mexico.

The USBP did nothing to stop this incursion and retain the evidence. Although it could be said they were not properly armed for that type of conflict.

This is only one of a long list of border violations by Mexican Armed Forces working on behalf of drug cartels making incursions into the United States.

Its time to secure our borders and if needed create an appropriately armed and prepared paramilitary force, not trained as law enforcement but border enforcement.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

San Francisco Gives Bullet Proof Vests to Toll Personnel

San Francisco hot on the heels of banning handguns within the city limits, has decided to provide bullet resistant vests to the toll operators on the Golden Gate bridge.

My first reaction is to be shocked that after San Franscisco banned handguns that there would be any crime within their people's republic.

Now that I have gotten that sarcasm out of my system I wonder, since San Francisco acknowledges there are safety issues within their fair city, will they be providing bullet proof vests to all their citizens?

Nice to know the administrators of San Francisco want to protect a revenue stream and those that collect it but are oblivious to the needs of the citizens to protect themselves.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cowboys and Ak's

The Telegraph, a U.K. based paper, published a story about Arizona cowboys and miners taking up Ak-47's to defend themselves from coyotes and drug smugglers.

The story illustrates the problems on our border with illegal immigration. Setting aside the fact that illegal immigrants break a host of laws by not employing the appropriate process and paperwork to legally immigrate, there are many decent people trying to come to the U.S. of A. for jobs and to start new lives, unfortunately they are under the guidance of a criminal enterprise of one sort or another.

U.S. citizens with property along the border have their safety and property routinely violated. Home invasions, burglaries and attemped murder are frequent events in Southern Arizona as illegal immigrants cross the border. Home owners, ranchers and business proprietors have their property stolen, dogs shot, home looted by the coyote led illegal immigrants.

Routinely law enforcement agents find illegals immigrants and coyotes killed in the desert, not by the brutal sun under which they try to cross in the summer, but from summary executions by the criminal elements involved in cross border traffic.

These same coyotes, people smugglers, are connected to the smugglers of illegal drugs as well. As we all know these individuals have no moral qualms about killing their fellow man.

An initiative is gaining momentum in Washington D.C. to erect a physical barrier, a wall or a fence, to stem the flow of illegal immigration. The president of our neighbor to the south, Vincente Fox, seems quite fearful of tighter border security. Perhaps he fears the long avoided revolution in mexico as the "safety valve" for letting off the discontent, illegal immigration to the U.S. of A., is shut off.

To illustrate the point of illegal immigration's woes and its correlation with crime, while Vincente Fox gave a speech supportive of open immigration to the U.S. and our illegal alien population, a running gun battle occurred on I-10 on the southern outskirts of Phoenix where the El Presidente was appearing with Janet Napolitano, the Arizona Governor, as two groups of smugglers fought over illegal immigrants.

Perhaps it is time for a new Goldwater to become prominent in Arizona politics. Certainly our current Governor does not get it and even with all the advantages of an incumbent is very vulnerable in the next election cycle.

In the long run the U.S. of A. must do a better job of assimilating immigrants or we face the same riots and large percentage of the population within our borders who feel no allegiance to the culture and principles of their host nation as seen in France recently.

We need to discard the multicultural approach to immigration which encouraged enclaves of citizens who do not assimilate and encourage those coming to the U.S. of A. to assimilate, essentially to buy into the American Dream.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Tomorrow is National Buy Ammo Day

Tomorrow is a little known but important day; National Buy Ammo Day.

This day is a great way to show those opposed to the Human Right of Self Defense that you disagree with them.

That is right, you can demonstrate your oppostion to the UN and NGO organizations which masterminded and bankrolled the recent attempts to ban firearms in Brazil and the likes of those behind the San Francisco Handgun Ban.

The best way to voice your support of the Human Right of Self Defense and your 2nd Amendment rights is to support your cause by purchasing firearms and ammunition.

Need some new Hollow Points for home defense?

Perhaps some hard ball for target practice?

Perhaps some hunting rounds?

Visit your local gun shop or purchase via the web on National Buy Ammo Day.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Deathstalker Saga

I have long been an afficionado of the "space opera" genre of science fiction.

Morality tales of the struggle against evil with some derring do and a love interest, a formula for success little changed from some of the seminal classics like "Doc" Smith's Lensman series.

In the same spirit of high adventure with some campy humor thrown in are Simon R. Green's Deathstalker series.

The premise; far in the future a human Empire exists governed by a terrible despot who uses terror maintained by armed forces to subjugate an empire of many worlds, worlds where there has been a return to aristocracy and their control over commoners.

Included in the backdrop of this series is a lack of inexpensive, easy to use weapons. The lack of which leave the commoners at the mercy of those who have had the leisure time to practice arms, notably edged weapons like swords.

When introduced into the series the inexpensive, simple to use firearms allows the masses following their heroic leaders to eliminate the evil tyrant and sycophants.

For an introduction into the concepts you can look at scholarly works on the practice of western martial arts and note the differences between the development of a competent wielder of edged weapons and the effective user of firearms that can be turned out within a weekend's practice.

The villains vile and heartless, their actions reminiscent of despots this world over.

The heroes perform the deeds and sacrifices that are to be expected and lamented.

All in all very enjoyable and well worth the time to read.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

India Calls for South Asian Free Trade Pact

Publius Pundit has a post on calls for a free trade agreement covering India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan and the Maldives.

Perhaps Southern and Central America will pay attention to this since they are falling behind:

Sadly, Asia is eating Latin America’s lunch as the latter hunkers down into leftist isolationism, its economies shriveling. As Pedro Burelli has notes, Latin America ten years ago accounted for 10% of world GDP. Today, it accounts for 4.5%, a direct result of its refusal to face free markets, and its wholesale rejection of changes of the 1990s as ‘neoliberalism.’ The reality is, the flawed advances toward markets that Latam achieved in the 1990s should be reformed, not scrapped.

Are you paying attention Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Minuteman Project Operation Nearby

Today while on the way to have my propane tanks refilled I came across a protests by the Minuteman Project.

The area where I had to go to get my propane tanks filled is typically awash in illegal aliens looking to work as "day laborers", people who are picked up by tradesmen, construction industry people and in some cases individual home owners and paid in cash for a single days work.

This is an area where illegal aliens, so called "day laborers" hang out in parking lots, street corners awaiting someone to pick them up for a day of work.

This is despite the fact the the local municpality used tax dollars to erect a "Day Laborer Center" complete with bathrooms, showers, sheltered areas to wait, etc less than a mile away.

I noted that the demonstration was peaceful with everyone being civil. No chanting of epithet filled slogans, no jeering at cars that went by.

Notably the only people jeering were presumably illegal aliens that did not like the fact that a community had come together to protest the lack of enforcement of our borders and immigration policies.

One need only look to France in recent weeks to know that uncontrolled immigration without assimilation of the immigrants is a failed policy a nation may not survive.

I took a moment after conducting my business to speak with some of the protestors. During my conversation my comments regarding illegal aliens I was repeatedly correct by middle aged professional that they were "Day Laborers".

After pedantically being corrected about my terminology, which was accurate if not politically correct enough, my presence was requested at their next event on the following weekend. The same middle aged professional spoke of a nearby Home Depot which drew groups of illegal aliens (up to 150) daily. The middle aged professional ran a business in that location where she was subjected to jeers and lewd inneundo while walking to and from her place of business. The proverbial insult added to injury where she has to don protective clothing to pick up the refuse strewn about daily by the illegal aliens in the environs of her place of business.

I wonder if the municpality every enforced loitering and no trespassing issues?

If indeed they were on private property, uninvited and loitering with appropriate signage indicating so, why wouldn't the city involved arrest them?

My guess is regulations are in place with the local police to not arrest individuals for this activity as a measure to avoid the excrement storm of legal action that the local Mexican consulate loves to encourage.

I fear that our federal government has let this problem become too big.

We now have an entrenched parallel society with little incentive to assimilate (government paperwork in various foreign languages, welfare benefits for non citizens, etc) like previous waves of immigrants have.

There literally are organizations like Mecha who call for the Southwestern United States being taken back by Mexico or otherwise turned into a some socialist paradise for those with ancestry from Central and South America. These same organizations are now looking to the rioting in Paris and salivating at the hope of it occuring here in the United States, substituting hispanics for the maghrebins in Paris.

This experience is in stark contrast to that of a local family business run by naturalized U.S. citizens who immigrated from Vietnam. Upon every visit I am regaled with tales of how one more of their family has passed the citizenship tests and interview process to become a naturalized citizen. That's right there is a test and interview process for citizenship where those wishing to become Americans must demonstrate their understanding of our history and system of government and demonstrate proficiency in English, our nation's defacto if unofficial language.

There currently is discussion to doing away the "Anchor Baby", e.g. birth in the territory of the U.S. of A. automatically conveying citizenship which then acts as a mechanism for preventing the deportation of illegal aliens, and removing other discentives from following proper immigration procedure.

I would not council a change in how we view natural citizenship, however removing the block on deportation of illegal immigrant parents is certainly reasonable.

I am a big fan of immigration personally. I just want those coming to the United States to learn the language, culture and history of their adoptive country, specifically to embrace the "American Dream".

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Veterans Day

No words are enough to express the debt we owe the veterans who have sacrificed their personal liberty, limbs and even lives to safeguard our freedoms.

Please take a moment to honor these men and women.

May God Almighty and His Son our Savior
Watch over our Warriors
Strengthening their spirit
Leading them to Victory
Warding them from harm
And returning them safely to their families

U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe Pulls No Punches

This is the first time I have seen anyone at the U.S. State Department actually stand up to a dictator.

Usually we see wording that skates the issue. Instead Ambassador Dell took on the despot running Zimbabwe head on in his speech which is truly worthy of your time to read...

What has been the cause of Zimbabwe’s unprecedented economic descent?

The answer is really quite simple, as well as quite shocking: Neither drought nor sanctions are at the root of Zimbabwe’s decline. The Zimbabwe government’s own gross mismanagement of the economy and its corrupt rule has brought on the crisis.

The examples of misguided economic decision making since the 1990s are manifold and well documented. The fiscally reckless, massive, unbudgeted payout to war veterans in 1997 is often cited as the beginning of the economic decline. Zimbabwe’s costly misadventure in the Democratic Republic of Congo followed soon after. It was also during this period that the parallel foreign exchange market emerged.

The government’s policy of land seizures and tolerance for chaotic disruptions on commercial farms led to the collapse in food production. The impact of the farm invasions has extended beyond food security, beyond Zimbabwe’s balance of payments crisis, and beyond the plight of the thousands of individual expropriated farm owners. The land grab has intensified the suffering of Zimbabwe’s most vulnerable segments of society – the rural and urban poor.

See A Chequer Board of Night and Day for more

For speaking the truth Ambassador Dell has received credible threats against his well being. This being Zimbabwe if Comrade Bob says something bad could happen to you it will be taken as more than a suggestion by the government thugs.

I doubt this would have happened under Colin Powell's tutelage.

Perhaps a conservative lady's touch is exactly what the State Department needed.

Zimbabwe's despot Comrade Bob (see our earlier posts regarding Bizarre Love Triangle) has deliberately destroyed the economy of his country by running out foreign investment and destroying the commercial farming.

The destruction of the economy was accomplished naturally by force using government sponsored thugs, so called "War Veterans" who we were to believe were veterans of the Second Chimurenga aka Rhodesian Bush War. If you look at the photos you will note that most of those thugs were fifteen to twenty years too young to have particpated in a war that ended in 1980. These thugs invaded commercial farms, burn down homes with the families inside, raped the women, killed farm workers, etc all in order to drive off the one successful commercial element in Zimbabwe.

Of course what this accomplished was mass spread starvation and further lining of pockets for Comrade Bob's inner circle who were given the pick of the now available farms.

Yes land reform is a great issue among the landless populace, however the government would have been better served opening up virgin land than destroying its only thriving export market (agriculture).

Perhaps there will be greater economic and political pressure on Zimbabwe now that our efforts in Iraq are slowly bearing fruit.

So three cheers for Ambassador Dell; Hip Hip Huzzah! Hip Hip Huzzah! Hip Hip Huzzah!

Hat Tip: Instapundit

Update: more here at ZWNews

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

San Francisco Bans Handguns (Again)

San Francisco voters enacted a ban on all handgun ownership and the sales of all firearms within their city.

Leaving aside the fact that a majority of San Franciscans apparently never read the Constitution and Bill of Rights for the United States (see 2nd Amendment), this ban flies in the face of California law wherein the declaration of rights we see


All people are by nature free and independent and
have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying
and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing,
and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining
safety, happiness, and privacy.

Full text of ban courtesty of SFGUNBAN

To deny that the defense of life, property and happiness that effective weapons are needed would take a colossal effort at the denial of simple truth.

The handgun ban includes a seizure of property without compensation from both private handgun owners and from businesses.

in 90 days from the effective date of this section, any resident of the City and County of San Francisco may surrender his or her handgun at any district station of the San Francisco Police Department, or to the San Francisco Sheriffs Department without penalty under this section.

Your minders in the government at all levels are allowed firearms including the dreaded handgun to enforce the laws

Specifically, any City, state or federal employee carrying out the functions of his or her government employment, including but not limited to peace officers as defined by California Penal Code Section 830 et.seq. and animal control officers may possess a handgun. Active members of the United States armed forces or the National Guard

This coupled with registration and weapons confiscation didn't work out very well last time as seen in Kristallnacht, so named for the broken glass everywhere from the windows of jewish owned businesses, when after having disarmed the Jewish populace the Nazi government and its thugs in the streets enacted the first part of their pogrom against the jews. Up to 200 people were murdered by the rampaging mobs.

The san fran gun ban does however allow the rich and large companies to protect their property, a right the people of san francisco voted to deny themselves:

and security guards, regularly employed and compensated by a person engaged in any lawful business, while actually employed and engaged in protecting and preserving property or life within the scope of his or her employment, may also possess handguns.

The people of san francisco were even fool enough to vote for the gun ban without knowing what the penalties would be!

Section 5. Penalties
Within 90 days of the effective date of this section, the Board of Supervisors shall enact penalties for violations of this ordinance. The Mayor, after consultation with the District Attorney, Sheriff and Chief of Police shall, within 30 days from the effective date, provide recommendations about penalties to the Board.

Now that we have seen portions of the law enacted by the citizenry of San Francisco, let's talk about the cost. I find it unlikely that San Francisco would be able to get away with confiscating personal property uncompensated, a violation of California's state constition as well as U.S. Constitution. The cost for implementing this program would be prohibitive for San Francisco. For insight into the level of financial woe the electorate of San Francisco has let themselves in for we can look to Canada's gun control (confiscation) efforts.

In Canada's gun control efforts expenses of $1 billion dollars have been racked up in the last ten years. On the same scale for San Francisco's three quarter of a million population the cost would be $24 million.

Now a few comments on the security from gun crime the San Franciscans think they have bought themselves:

Since the total firearms ban went into effect in Washington D.C. in 1976 the homocide rate has gone up 200%.

In the United Kingdom, which enacted a total firearms ban after the Dunblane mass killing of children by an insane man, the report by the U.K. government states
"the incidence of gun crime in England and Wales nearly doubled from 13,874 in 1998 to 24,070 in 2003. And the incidence of firearms murder, while thankfully still very small, has risen 65 per cent,".

Perhaps Benjamin Franklin said it the best, "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security".

The GOP Wants Your Opinion on Illegal Immigration

The GOP has a brief survey on illegal immigration.

They want to know if you favor some of the following:

The U.S. Military patrolling the borders.
Private volunteer organizations patrolling the borders to be deputized

English as the official language of the United States
Favor an amnesty

While filling out their survey think about what France's open immigration policy has brought them; unemployable masses angry about living on their $1200 welfare stipend each month, weeks of rioting and millions of dollars in losses.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Names for France...From LGF

From our friends at Little Green Footballs's thread on rioting in France and the French gouvernment's inability to act like men and put the rioters down, a list of new names for France from their comments thread.

1. Frankishstine (Globular)
2. Allahfrancaise (Nam Grunt)
3. Gaulza (SoCalJustice)
4. Islamic Republic of France (TargetPractice)
5. Frankenstan (Jimmy the Clam)
6. Chiraq (Globular)
7. Merdistan (littleoldlady)
8. Paristine (haakondahl,bruxellesblog)
9. Chiracistan (bruxellesblog)
10. Froggistan (whiterasta)
11. Le République Islamique de Grand Algérie (Glob's brother)
12. Le Premiere Caliphate Grande de Moor (ronaldusmagnus)
13. The 1st Caliphate of Islamic France (BoghRD)
14. The 2nd Republic of Vichy France (BoghRD)
15. Ex-deVilePain (julmudgeon)
16. Vichy France II (looking closely)
17. France (razorbacker)
18. Vichy Reloaded (wadikitty )
19. Allahz les blues (#17)
20. Zut AllahL'ors (tradewind)
21. Parisia (deefeater ........
22. Muslifique
23. Therac
24. Bagdadette
25. Arafort
26. Stressbourg
27. Tolose
28. Chechnice
29. Hamascargot
30. Soup De J'enin
31. Chihad Francoise )
32. Weredun (Globular)
33. Al-Gaulia (The Other Les)
34. Comegetsomme (Globular)
35. Frankistan (Dar ul harb)
36. Youguysargonne (Globular)
37. Gaulistine (BIG)
38. Vichyssoissad (deefeater
39. OpenBordeaux )
40. Caliphique (beblebrox)
41. Normallahndy (bunker buster
42. Coqistine
43. Beheadeaux )
44. Appeasique (zygazint)
45. Martel-spinning-in-his-grave-istan. (bunker buster)
46. ButtsinAiristan (Maine's Michael
47. Abu Grahb Ankelle )
48. Nouvous Algiers (Rednek)
49. Mecca Sur Mer (Adrenalyn
50. Felafel Pour Le Seine )
51. Greygoosedistan (golem akbar)
52. Paristan (W-lover)
53. Shitraq (AtlasShrugged)
54. Dar al-Shouldabeenacowboy (Swampwoman)
55. Islamic Republic of New Algeria (zombie)
57. Smugistan (Golem Akbar)
58. Pouptonistan (pooped-on-istan) (Golem Akbar)
59. French-toast-istan (Golem Akbar)
60. Poufistan(Golem Akbar)
61. France Unplugged (avk2
62. French Foreign Lesion
63. Grenignoble
64. Pyre-Nees
65. Camelle
66. Camel No. 5
67. Green Poupon
68. Pepe Le Feu )
69. goatf*** du fromage (crimethink84
70. nomorefermented grapistan
71. moulin burkha
72. croissant crescent
73. allah gauche
74. prophet du triumphe
75. the eiffel minaret
76. muzzein du patisserie
77. cabernet pigisgone )

Entries not obviously connected to France (1 per Lizard):

Hell (J.D. )
Rolloverstan (razorbacker
Igiveupistan )
leftistan (Scotch
I-gyptemstan )
Wetoldyousostan (ch3cooh )
SquealsLikeApigistan (wadikitty)
Quranistan (CollegeVet)
Dar-ul-Islam (Spiny Norman)
Osamaland (Imamhunter)
Led Villepin (defeater
Marquis De Sadd
Yves Saint Lawrence )
Suicidistan (Stuck-in-CA)
islamsickstain (ibmkeyboard)
Reggiestan (Raziel (Troll Devouring Blader))
Surrendarabia (Stuck-in-CA)

Friday, November 04, 2005

Stupid Cop Tricks

Those who believe the general populace cannot be trusted with effective arms and that only the beknighted guardians of our laws (police forces) should have weapons might want to rethink their position.

There is a long list of abuse of power stories available regarding our wear-black-dress-like-a-stormtrooper-coolness cops but I find the simple illustrations of their incompetence the most edifying.

From the wise man at Massbackwards

PEMBROKE -— Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald on Sunday night confirmed that the gun of a Plymouth County deputy sheriff lost in Pembroke Thursday night has been recovered by the Weymouth police after it was dropped in a mailbox.

McDonald said Pembroke police on Sunday received an anonymous phone call that the 40 caliber Glock handgun had been dropped off at a specific mailbox.

This is almost as funny as the stolen MP-5 submachineguns, 40mm grenade launchers, body armor and pistols the FBI lost when they left them in their suburban while having dinner in 1997.

Since we are on the topic of numbskull police agents, here is an oldie but a goodie, the DEA agent who while demonstrating firearms safety in a school shoots himself in the leg with an "unloaded weapon". Enjoy the video.

And remember the police officer in the room "is the only one professional enough in this room, that i know of, to carry a Glock .40".

Firearm Laws State by State

Per a request from a kind blogger we will be covering firearms laws state by state.

The first note I would like our readers to take is that thirty-eight states (38) now have "shall issue" concealed carry weapons licenses that must be issued by any qualifying citizen e.g. not a felon and pass the required safety course.

This leaves twelve states out of our union which do not recognize the Human Right to Self Defense in that they do not allow concealed carry of firearms by their citizens. In these states it is either totally prohibited or is a special dispensation only provided to the wealthy or politically connected.

Large version of Map courtesy of the NRA

If you live in one of these states (New York, Massachusets, New Jersey, illinois, California, Rhode Island, New Hamspshire, Maryland, Kansas, Nebraska, Michigan and Hawaii) that restricts concealed carry either totally or to those who are connected politically/financially, think about the riots in France and whether or not your state would save your from rampaging homocidal mobs.

Note that any state which partially or totally infringes upon your right to self defense will also otherwise burden you with restrictions. Licensing requirements imposed in some states to determine which level of firearms you can purchase (MA), licensing including references from professionals and friends (NY). Essentially these states while unable to wholly violate the constitution have decided to encumber their citizens to the point their human right to self defense is a whole heartedly violated by state law.

In two cases, Vermont and Alaska, no permit is required to carry concealed, it is recognized as your innate Human Right to Self Defense. May other states including mine follow this enlightened path soon.

As usual a private organization provides the most accurate information regarding state laws and firearms ownership
. Grateful Hat Tip to the NRA.

State by state listing of firearms laws by our civil disservants at the ATFE

I would not trust anything at the ATFE's website since in their information regarding the Brady Law the ATFE fails to note this trampling of our rights expired more than a year ago.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

France and the Human Right of Self Defense

In light of the eighth night of riots by muslim immigrants in the suburbs of Paris I think this would be a good time to see what rights the French have to defend themselves.

French firearms laws are close the equivalent of firearms ownership laws in New York or other eastern states (Taxachusets, Illinois, etc). You submit yourself to rigorous testing and background checks to prove you are worthy of defending yourself, your family and property.

Up to and including that you attend the sports club that you are forced join once every two months for six months, having your "ticket punched" proving you are truly a sportsmen.

You are not required to have a permit to purchase 22lr firearms and blackpowder pistols.

Black powder revolvers would be very effective self defense weapons for the french citizenry.These would be a bit problematic in an enclosed space but effective enough as proven in the U.S. Civil War.

I recommend at least a pair of each in every household.

Of course to expedite reloading you may be able to purchase additional cylinders that could be preloaded for faster reloads.

A link to a French vendor of firearms in Calais

By browsing this site I was able to determine that revolvers and shotguns that would be effective for home defense are available at affordable prices provided you have the carnet de tir, a license to own category 4 and 1 firearms, and stamp every two months from your shooting club.

Essentially the government does not trust its citoyens with the ability to defend themselves

Certain calibers are forbidden strictly because they are considered military calibers. Among these are .45acp, 9mm, 7.62, etc.

While viewing a french supplier of weapons site I noted alternate calibers available for self defense akin to the use of .38super in Mexico in lieu of 9mm being unavailable as a military caliber.

This is likely to include .223 aka 5.56x45mm as used in the French assault Rifle FAMAS referred to as the Clairon or "bugle" by French soldiers.

Essentially all the truly effective weapons you would need to defend your family in a riot are outside of the reach of French citizens.

An abominable disregard for Human Rights in a time when the government is failing to put down this insurrection.

I sincerely pray this will lead to the French citizenry demanding access to the appropriate weapons to defend their familiies and property and being granted this basic right.

Otherwise I fear France will go the way of Lebanon in the 1970s and 1980s.

Firearms laws in Brittany (a French province)

Links to Sites With More on Recent Posts

Denmark is experiencing similar riots

Paris riots continue for sixth night

Lashawn Barber thinks the U.S. will have the same rioting as seen in Paris.

More on the Y Chromosome and reproductive rights

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Common Law and Reproductive Technology

Many common Law principles are rooted in the anglo-saxon cultural past of our nation's fathers.

One of the principles involved is the concept that all children produced during a man and woman's marriage are interpreted as the legitimate heirs and dependents of the father.

As reproductive technology has advanced we have not kept pace with incorporating it into our interpretation of common law.

While we have "freed the woman" from the shackles of her reproductive system by developing and providing inexpensive birth control technology(really conception control) and have made abortion legal for women, men have not received the same level of relief.

Rather an enormous double standard has become apparent. Men are responsible for their reproductive behavior in the negative. That is to say men are encumbered by responsibility to financially care for their offspring, real or presumed.

Men are not however granted a voice in the reproductive chioice of their own wife. Should a man want a child but the woman decide she does not, she can terminate the pregancy at will {do NOT email me or comment about easily sidestepped spousal consent laws). Whereas in the opposite case should the man not want a child and wish to terminate the pregancy he is still encumbered by the financial responsibility for the care of any unwanted offspring.

Now many will say that is the man's plight for the evening of romance spent with either his spouse or Ms. Right ForNow.

Now let us take into the account the Cuckoo in Nest.

Should a man be held financially responsible for children born during the marriage for which he was not the father?

Even in an acknowledged case of a wife conceiving and bearing a child by a man other than her husband current interpretation of law holds her husband financially responsible.

This is an injustice of epic proportions. A man wronged by a unfaithful spouse held by the state accountable for the fruit of the illicit union?

Impossibly unjust you say? No legal court would, pardon the expression, implement such a miscarriage of justice.

Not so.

The policy of many state's family courts still hold the presumed father, the husband of the unfaithful woman, as responsible for any offpsring born or conceived during that union.

Now let us add to the mix new DNA technology. Where father's can by method of a simple test verify if they were the father of the offpsring in their marriage.

And still the interpretation of law based on thousand year old principles would force the victim of a cruel fraud in this case, the husband, to pay for his humiliation.

I for one call for our legal system to incorporate an exclusionary policy in divorce cases where children brought into being during the union as a deception, fraud and willingful violation of the sanctity of their marriage vows be excluded from any child support.

Essentially the whole argument boils down to one thing: You can not have it both ways ladies. If you accept the convenience that modern birth control technology provides you also must accept the responsibility for your actions.

A grateful hat tip to Instapundit and Reason


I would look for a large shift in what is expected from both men and women when medical technology creates an "artificial womb". A device where the child can be kep safely to develop without putting an unreasonable encumberance upon the "mother".

With an alternative method for the incubation of offspring the time worn tenets of family law will have to shift.