Sunday, October 30, 2005

Three 'Tards Provide Proof for Darwin's Theory & French Muslim's Riot

In France there have been three days of rioting by "Frenchmen" in a suburb of Paris populated by North African muslims. The rioting was sparked by three young muslims running from the police they apparently jumped a fence into an area with electrical generation equipment ignoring warnings signs and were promptly French fried.

This apparently was reason enough for the mostly muslim population of Clichy sous Bois to riot for their martyrs.

Apparently the French police are not being aggressive enough in putting down the riot as it has continued for three nights.

Personally I would say put the riot down harshly, being fair but using a level of force that left nothing to imagination as to who was in charge, paying special attention to the ringleaders.

Of course rioting and misdirected public outrage like this are seen in the United States; those that do not buy into the predominant culture are left out economically (high unemployment) and seize upon the ridiculous as cause for riot.

In the French example there is one huge dynamic that sets this apart; international islamic terrorist organizations. France has long been a haven for terrorist organizations and their leaders going back to the days of the Ayatollah Khomeini's exile. There are significant numbers of French muslims participating in Jihad and being caught in Iraq by our forces and Iraqi allies.

Recently there has been strife in France over changes demanded by muslims to French culture to be less offensive to their sensibilities as if by immigration, higher birthrate and appealing to the multicultural sensitivities of the left, the islamic world is trying to conquer France where it failed by military action in the eighth century. Example; France's ban on headscarves in schools created a furor among the muslim population however to every Frenchmen and French woman's credit they stuck to their principles and maintained the ban. This itself is not a surprise as the French are renowned for maintaining their cultural independence.

That a European government has stood up to a vocal minority's ridiculous demands on change to their host country's culture to suit the Johnny come Latelys is very important. With demands by Muslims in the U.K. that images of pigs (yes the ever offensive Piglet of Winnie the Pooh fame) be removed from public buildings, that the crosses be removed from the United Kingdom's flag learning to say "No" or "Non" to demands that the host country's culture and symbols be changes is paramount for the survival of the West.

It would be a good thing for French muslims to remember that it was a Frenchman with a vastly outnumbered army who threw the Saracen invaders from French soil in the battle of Tours in 732. With a force admittedly one quarter the size (15K to 60K) of the muslim general Rahman's (est 60K to 300K troops), Charles Martel routed his foes, harrying the few survivors back across the Pyrenees while only suffering 1500 casualties. Muslim casualties were estimated over 300,000 by medieval chronicler St. Denis.

Even if you take the lowest of the force estimates for Rahman and Charles Martel (60,000 and 15,000 respectively) and then take only ten percent of St. Denis number you would note that Charles Martel killed half the muslim army in what is today France with a force one quarter the size and suffering only 1500 casualties. This is an incredible feat of arms one which prevented the forces of Islam from invading all of Europe likely preventing its total conversion to Islam.

Another item it would be important to keep in mind for French muslims is that the actual title of Charles Martel was the Mayor of the Palace (read Paris). Although he founded a dynasty that would lead France for centuries he was initially the mayor of Paris. Not a good historical parallel if you are a muslim rioter in Paris or its environs.

Only time will tell if Western European states will discover the will to defend their heritage. I for one hope the French recall the fire that burned in their blood in defense of their homeland, faith and traditions during the eighth century.

Only such an example will save the children of the West in Europe from the atrophy of its morale and courage wrought by a century of socialism.

Hat Tip GatewayPundit
An informative article on Islam in France at Wikipedia

France now has the highest percentage of muslim population (mostly from North Africa)in Europe.

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