Sunday, October 16, 2005

Some Assembly Required

Today I constructed a closet organzier for my wife.

It went quite smoothly with the exception of the obligatory lack of a guide to the various parts.

What is it with these companies which must provide instructions with references to parts M and J and Q while not providing a legend?

Two of the other favorite tricks for these manufacturers is providing different sized bolt and not providing a legend as to which to use where with the exception of mentioning part designation. Naturally this is the same companies that would fail to provide a legend.

This means you will assemble a table for example 3/4 of the way only to find out the bolts you used to hold the base to the tabletop were actually those to be used for the legs of the table.

The other neat trick is to only make 7/8 of the pre drilled holes needed. Leaving one to be undone. Great quality control at those companies.

On a positive note when this happens with pool chairs, as it did to me, before fixing it you can have alot of fun watching people try to get into it as it continuously slips away due to the lack of rigitidy.

Now after I trashed those companies which ship items requiring assembly I will end with a salute to those wise companies which provide extra nuts, screws, bolts, lock washers, etc. These guys know trouble happens and it is cheaper to toss in a few parts than wade through the returns and customer complaints.

Here endeth the rant.

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