Thursday, October 27, 2005

New James Bond Actor Hates Firearms!

Its not everyday you are met with a double standard as blatant as this one; The new James Bond Actor, Daniel Craig, hates firearms.

Now he is very ready to take a lucrative role making him millions of dollars which would require he use a firearm to kill people left and right but does not believe we should have access to firearms for self defense.

Another one of the sheep from the U.K. it would seem, bleating out the disarmament cry of the socialists.

This reminds of another famous hyprocrite, Edward Woodward (who played Robert McCall), who decried firearms and their use in the 1980's while starring in a TV show; The Equalizer.

Well we did not listen to the hyprocrite in the 1980's and I doubt anyone will pay attention to another vacuous actor espousing their ideals.

Just remember when you see the new James Bond film, a remake of On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the new James Bond hates every second of holding that firearm to make his millions of dollars.

May his reign as James Bond last as long as George Lazenby's.

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