Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Commies aren't Cool

My faith in humanity's ability to misinterpret historical events and figures is never let down.

Example the latest resurgence of long dead, unlamented, marxist-leninist icon Che Guevara.

You will see his image gracing t-shirts, posters, hats, book bags, etc. The only thing I did not find with the old murderer's image on it was a lunchbox.

Young American hipsters have the excuse that they think the imagery is cool and are very unlikely to be aware of its historical context. I do not give them a passon this moronic behavior however I understand the failure of our class rooms at the secondary and collegiate levels to put into perspective the rise of socialism, communism and anarchism in the nineteenth century and its role in the murder of hundreds of millions of human beings in the twentieth century.

Of course there is the foolish leftist remnant hiding in our universities who still worship Che and Fidel Castro in American universities and colleges believe the marxist-leninist excrement spouted by despots the world over. These fools hiding in their tenured, unassailable positions like Ward Churchill of "little Eichman's" reference to 9/11 victims fame perpetuate the worship of these foul murders.

Only those that have lived under communism's oppression understand what it is like to a serf in a totalitarian regime. In Hungary there is now a debate amongst those that remember communism and the appearance of Che Guevara's image on attire.


Here is a eye witness description of the romanticized revolutionary at work shooting a fourteen year old in the back of the head:

A Cuban gentleman named Pierre San Martin was among those jailed by Che Guevara in the early months of the Cuban Revolution. In an El Nuevo Herald article from December 28, 1997 San Martin recalled the horrors: “Thirteen of us were crammed into a cell. Sixteen of us would stand while the other sixteen tried to sleep on the cold filthy floor. We took shifts that way. Dozens were led from the cells to the firing squad daily. The volleys kept us awake. We felt that any one of those minutes would be our last.
One morning the horrible sound of that rusty steel door swinging open startled us awake and Che's guards shoved a new prisoner into our cell. He was a boy, maybe 14 years old. His face was bruised and smeared with blood. "What did you do?" We asked horrified. "I tried to defend my papa," gasped the bloodied boy. "But they sent him to the firing squad."
Soon Che's guards returned. The rusty steel door opened and they yanked the boy out of the cell.
"We all rushed to the cell's window that faced the execution pit," recalls Mr. San Martin. "We simply couldn't believe they'd murder him.
"Then we spotted him, strutting around the blood-drenched execution yard with his hands on his waist and barking orders--Che Guevara himself. 'Kneel down!' Che barked at the boy.
"Assassins!" we screamed from our window.

“I said: KNEEL DOWN!" Che barked again.

The boy stared Che resolutely in the face. "If you're going to kill me," he yelled, "you'll have to do it while I'm standing! Men die standing!"

"Murderers!" the men yelled desperately from their cells. "Then we saw Che unholstering his pistol. He put the barrel to the back of the boys neck and blasted. The shot almost decapitated the young boy.

Let us not forget Che's embodiment of evil when he joined the Simbas in their revolt against Western influence in the Congo where he was known as "Tatu".

You can know a man by his friends and here the example is obviously set as lowest of vermin; The Simbas were known for their murder, rapine and canibalism in the countryside, victimizing the peasants and isolated westerners.

As is often with self described "people's revolutions" they are little more than thieving, murderous rabble taking advantage of the opportunity to prey upon those around them. Che Guevara's Simba allies in the Congo were no variation from that rule. When fighting the Western organized Congo forces reinforced by the legendary mercenary Mike Hoare, Che Guevara managed to go from one humiliating defeat to the next even managing to be dislodged from a Monte Cassino like mountaintop fastness by a force smaller than his own!

When Che Guevara was sent to Bolivia to "aid" its communist revolutionaries he led a team of 45 men, most of whom were not Bolivians. Shunned by the people in the countryside Che commened in his diary; "We cannot develop any peasant support,""But it looks like by employing planned terror we may at least neutralize most of them. Their support will come later."

The great revolutionaries plan to bring over the peasants was to terrorize the locals into supporting him.

When it all ended for this waste of human flesh he was captured in Bolivia screaming , "Do not shoot! I am Che Guevara and worth more to you alive than dead.

In the end Che Guevara was executed in Bolivia following his capture in 1967.

Wikipedia's Che Guevara entry

babalublog's excellent article on Che Guevara

In a way this is a very ironic end for Che Guevara; to wind up with his image used to generate capital without the associated historical context, essentially leaving him a cartoon character.

This however does a great injustice to the victims of oppression everywhere.

When you see a Che Guevara shirt remember it stands for torture, murder, rapine and totalitarianism.

For those looking for putting Che Guevara in the right context check out Anti Che Shirts.

I will end this post with two last words; Cuba Libre


roninaz said...

Mindless drivel left by twit removed.

duende said...

First of all i wanted to thank you for letting me a space on your blog to express mi opinion on the subject. I´m from Argentina and English is my 3rd language so excuse me for any grammar or expression mistakes. I do agree with some of the things that you say on your article, but many information is not as you presented it. Sure i think that the image of Ernesto Guevara is beeing misused (mainly by idiots who dont know shit about him, about his belives and convictions and about that era) and also the fact that the are countless items with his image is repulsing hi wouldn aprove that. Everebody should know that in fact hi did murdered poeple. But also helped in the liberation of cuba (altough then it was again taken under control by another dictator). If his interest would only had been becoming rich and powerful he could just have stayed in cuba and enjoy a pleasent life like many others so called "heroes of the cuban revolution" who afterwards forgot many of the ideals of the revolution; but he took it the hard way he grabbed a rifle and went to bolivia. And no his plan was not to terrorise the villagers there so they would become their allis, he wanted them to realize that they were beeing used by their goverment and they should not let their not elected goverment tell them what to think, who to belive and fight for what they deserved. But poeple didnt followed him and told the bolivian miltary his location. Hiss dream was to create a soliday human beein, with comitement with their nation and pople. But like all changes that would took so much time and people ere never really interested in changing and caring for each other. Maybe the violent way to achive peace wasnt correct, but his goal wasnt evil, hi wasnt a dictator like Fidel thats why they both got into consant fights because fidel wanted all the power for him, sadly...
You also quote and say that comunist goverments wash the brians of thery inhabitants, but also during the cold war U.S.A. did the same to many generations. Also war crimes comited by amercan troops were beeing comited in every war. America did engaged wars with every country who could affect their economic interets. I also would like to note that the Guantanamo Bay prisioners are beeing held illegaly but as U.S.A. has the mayority of the power in the OTAN who would prosecute them. Don´t get me wrong im not againsta america, i´m against unfairness. America has great things but many bads also and comunists,nazis,african-americans, illigal inmigrants, mid-eastrn countrys (or terrorits as most american see them) and jews are not the ones to blame for everything. The people in america who made it one of the biggest economic powers in the world also let very bad things to happen.In america freedom of speech is nowadys beeing pushed to its very limits. I also think that during the cold way america was a dictatorship like the U.R.S.S.
THank you very much for your time
THank you very much

alex0ml said...

I'm from Mexico, and I agree completely with your viewpoints.
I love the COMMIES AREN't COOL shirts.