Thursday, October 27, 2005

Celebrating Brazil's Cry for Human Rights with a Brazillian Firearm Roundup

In honor of the recent victory for Human Rights, especially the right of Self Defense, today's topic is Brazillian made firearms.

Brazil has long had an excellent firearms manfuctring industry.

Many U.S. citizens are familiar with the fine firearms made by Taurus USA.

In fact I gave one to my wife.

I happen to own other fine products made in Brazil; the receiver from my FN FAL is made by Imbel Itajuba de Brazil.

Imbel has long made excellent firearms for many countries in Central and South America notably their FN FAL licensed copies and copies of the famous John Moses Browning design the Colt 1911.

Rumour has it that Imbel makes many components used by Springfield Armory in their firearms. Imbel did certainly make the pre ban release of the FAL sold by Springfield Armory.

They also make FN FAL copies in 5.56 mm.

I thought at one pont they made FNC copies as well, however I do not see those on their site currently.

We will just emphasize the positive and leave Rossi out of this thread.

Please keep the fine products of Brazil in mind when preparing for that next firearms purchase. You will find they are solid, reliable and the people that make them value freedom as demonstrated by their actions.

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