Saturday, October 15, 2005

Blatant Disregard for Our Constitutional Rights

Not to be outdone by the oppressive and abortive confiscation of firearms by NOPD and those assisting in emergency, care and safety operations from those continuing to live in hurricane stricken New Orleans, FEMA has decided to prohibit firearms ownership by those living in their gated temporary housing (trailer homes) community.


Needless to say that this tactic was tried in public housing in the nineties and was rejected as unconstitutional by the courts.

Perhaps a class on the United States of America's Constitution would be a good thing for all government workers. Preferably a class where a failing grade would doom them to getting a job in the private sector where people expect basic competency and results in a timely fashion.

Not to be outdone by FEMA's stupidity the state of Massachusets has picked the a most telling name for one of their government agencies responsible for interacting with their serfs.

Of course this all came up in the process of Massachusets attempting to ban "cop killer" weapons so the tyrans will feel safer from their serfs.

MASSACHUSETTS The Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security has announced a second hearing for S.2113, "An act prohibiting the sale, transfer or possession of 'cop killer' handguns and high-powered rifles." This is the bill that seeks to ban .50 caliber BMG rifles and the FN "Five-seveN" handgun. Please plan to attend the hearing that will take place on October 25, 2005 at 10:00 a.m., in Room 437 of the State House. If you are unable to attend, you can contact the committee at (617) 722-2230.

Truly only a budding totalitarian state like Taxachusets could come up with so foul an idea and be so oblivious to the historical context.

Unless of course they thought their citizens, all victims no doubt of public education, would not note the historical precedents since the hung five more words onto the title.

For those who have had little time to study history the Committee for Public Safety was an organization which through its Tribunal and the chaos and fear it strewn throught France, especially Paris.

The Committe for Public Safety held a Tribunal which tried those denounced by their neighbors, family members and rivals. Its verdicts were invariably that the denounced would be put to death by the Guillotine and over a thousand perished in that year.

Over a thousand people went through this tribunal, were found guilty and executed. This Tribunal found the time to try more than an average of three people per day sending them all to Madame La Guillotine.

Let's put it another way....2% of Paris was executed for anti-revolutionary crimes in one year. Every person in Paris knew someone who had been taken by the Committee for Public Safety, a friend, lover, brother, sister, father, mother, etc.

Great example to pick from history Massachusets.

Please let us all know when you get around to honoring those other wonderful public service organizations like the NKVD, Cheka, Stasi, People's Guards, KGB, etc.

If you do not recognize any of those names and want an idea of what they were like read the Gulag Archipelago.

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