Sunday, October 30, 2005

Three 'Tards Provide Proof for Darwin's Theory & French Muslim's Riot

In France there have been three days of rioting by "Frenchmen" in a suburb of Paris populated by North African muslims. The rioting was sparked by three young muslims running from the police they apparently jumped a fence into an area with electrical generation equipment ignoring warnings signs and were promptly French fried.

This apparently was reason enough for the mostly muslim population of Clichy sous Bois to riot for their martyrs.

Apparently the French police are not being aggressive enough in putting down the riot as it has continued for three nights.

Personally I would say put the riot down harshly, being fair but using a level of force that left nothing to imagination as to who was in charge, paying special attention to the ringleaders.

Of course rioting and misdirected public outrage like this are seen in the United States; those that do not buy into the predominant culture are left out economically (high unemployment) and seize upon the ridiculous as cause for riot.

In the French example there is one huge dynamic that sets this apart; international islamic terrorist organizations. France has long been a haven for terrorist organizations and their leaders going back to the days of the Ayatollah Khomeini's exile. There are significant numbers of French muslims participating in Jihad and being caught in Iraq by our forces and Iraqi allies.

Recently there has been strife in France over changes demanded by muslims to French culture to be less offensive to their sensibilities as if by immigration, higher birthrate and appealing to the multicultural sensitivities of the left, the islamic world is trying to conquer France where it failed by military action in the eighth century. Example; France's ban on headscarves in schools created a furor among the muslim population however to every Frenchmen and French woman's credit they stuck to their principles and maintained the ban. This itself is not a surprise as the French are renowned for maintaining their cultural independence.

That a European government has stood up to a vocal minority's ridiculous demands on change to their host country's culture to suit the Johnny come Latelys is very important. With demands by Muslims in the U.K. that images of pigs (yes the ever offensive Piglet of Winnie the Pooh fame) be removed from public buildings, that the crosses be removed from the United Kingdom's flag learning to say "No" or "Non" to demands that the host country's culture and symbols be changes is paramount for the survival of the West.

It would be a good thing for French muslims to remember that it was a Frenchman with a vastly outnumbered army who threw the Saracen invaders from French soil in the battle of Tours in 732. With a force admittedly one quarter the size (15K to 60K) of the muslim general Rahman's (est 60K to 300K troops), Charles Martel routed his foes, harrying the few survivors back across the Pyrenees while only suffering 1500 casualties. Muslim casualties were estimated over 300,000 by medieval chronicler St. Denis.

Even if you take the lowest of the force estimates for Rahman and Charles Martel (60,000 and 15,000 respectively) and then take only ten percent of St. Denis number you would note that Charles Martel killed half the muslim army in what is today France with a force one quarter the size and suffering only 1500 casualties. This is an incredible feat of arms one which prevented the forces of Islam from invading all of Europe likely preventing its total conversion to Islam.

Another item it would be important to keep in mind for French muslims is that the actual title of Charles Martel was the Mayor of the Palace (read Paris). Although he founded a dynasty that would lead France for centuries he was initially the mayor of Paris. Not a good historical parallel if you are a muslim rioter in Paris or its environs.

Only time will tell if Western European states will discover the will to defend their heritage. I for one hope the French recall the fire that burned in their blood in defense of their homeland, faith and traditions during the eighth century.

Only such an example will save the children of the West in Europe from the atrophy of its morale and courage wrought by a century of socialism.

Hat Tip GatewayPundit
An informative article on Islam in France at Wikipedia

France now has the highest percentage of muslim population (mostly from North Africa)in Europe.

Friday, October 28, 2005


After a long week of not so vacation and a week at work I finally have a chance to unwind.

I would like to take this time to point out the products that assist me in this incredibly needy time:

La Gloria Cubana Charlemagne Maduro cigars


Stone India Pale Ale

Friends in need are friends in deed.

When You Really Need A Drink...

Why is it that the times you really need a drink you are too busy or otherwise unable to take the edge off?

Truly an example of the lack of fairness in life.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Iran call for Isreal to be "Wiped off the map"

The new Iranian president, graduate student of terrorism from his days as one of the 1979 U.S. Tehran embassy hostage taking, has called for Isreal to be "Wiped off the map".

This is just the type of rhetoric one expects from the hate filled left overs from the seventh century. Unfortunately now that Iran is on the cusp of being a nuclear power this sort of rhetoric must be taken seriously.

Iran is calling for the total annihilation of another country and will have weapons of mass destruction capable of attempting the feat.

Although Iran has become an exporter of relatively sophisticated arms from the industries they have developed since the U.S. arms embargo following the U.S. Embassy hostage taking, it is by no means a match for the native capbilities in Isreal nor those of products they purchase from the United States and other western countries.

It would behoove Iran to remember Israel's own capabalities to strike at Iran and any other hostile neighbors.

Specifically the Dolphin class diesel electric submarines equipped with torpedo tubes large enough to launch Popeye! missiles almost certainly armed with nuclear warheads.

These longer range (1500km)Popeye missles would allow Isreal to strike any likely foe.

You will note on this map available from our civil servants at the CIA that 1500km (930 miles) allows you to strike nearly every city in the Middle East while the submarine is parked off the coast in the Mediterranean.

It takes no stretch of the imagination to see replenishment operations made to allow a diesel electric submarine to deploy into the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf, expanding the range of targets that could be hit or allowing for target saturation.

Per reports the Israeli's have had nuclear weapons capability for a number of years, allowing them to have built up a reasonable stockpile and various delivery options. This is in contrast to Iran which is still developing its nucelar weapon(s).

Informing your enemy that you are going to annihilate them during the development of weapons of mass destruction is a provocation to a well armed enemy that only the truly insane would believe to be overlooked.

The only rationale I can think of to make this statement publicy is the attempt to draw a preemptive strike by Israel or other Western countries to use as a pretext for wider war in the region against the West.

If so the Iranians are badly miscalculating if they believe Isreal and the West in general lacks the will to strike. Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was quoted stating, "If they carry on like this, the question people are going to ask me is, 'when are you going to do something about this?'"

This is from the eloquent Tony Blair, we can only await the response from our more plain spoken, action oriented president George W. Bush.

I for one will be keeping an eye on developments in this area.

Celebrating Brazil's Cry for Human Rights with a Brazillian Firearm Roundup

In honor of the recent victory for Human Rights, especially the right of Self Defense, today's topic is Brazillian made firearms.

Brazil has long had an excellent firearms manfuctring industry.

Many U.S. citizens are familiar with the fine firearms made by Taurus USA.

In fact I gave one to my wife.

I happen to own other fine products made in Brazil; the receiver from my FN FAL is made by Imbel Itajuba de Brazil.

Imbel has long made excellent firearms for many countries in Central and South America notably their FN FAL licensed copies and copies of the famous John Moses Browning design the Colt 1911.

Rumour has it that Imbel makes many components used by Springfield Armory in their firearms. Imbel did certainly make the pre ban release of the FAL sold by Springfield Armory.

They also make FN FAL copies in 5.56 mm.

I thought at one pont they made FNC copies as well, however I do not see those on their site currently.

We will just emphasize the positive and leave Rossi out of this thread.

Please keep the fine products of Brazil in mind when preparing for that next firearms purchase. You will find they are solid, reliable and the people that make them value freedom as demonstrated by their actions.

New James Bond Actor Hates Firearms!

Its not everyday you are met with a double standard as blatant as this one; The new James Bond Actor, Daniel Craig, hates firearms.

Now he is very ready to take a lucrative role making him millions of dollars which would require he use a firearm to kill people left and right but does not believe we should have access to firearms for self defense.

Another one of the sheep from the U.K. it would seem, bleating out the disarmament cry of the socialists.

This reminds of another famous hyprocrite, Edward Woodward (who played Robert McCall), who decried firearms and their use in the 1980's while starring in a TV show; The Equalizer.

Well we did not listen to the hyprocrite in the 1980's and I doubt anyone will pay attention to another vacuous actor espousing their ideals.

Just remember when you see the new James Bond film, a remake of On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the new James Bond hates every second of holding that firearm to make his millions of dollars.

May his reign as James Bond last as long as George Lazenby's.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

NGO's With International Gun Ban Agenda Shut Down

The Volokh Conspiracy has an excellent run down on the overwhelming defeat of Brazil's Gun Ban Referendum.

This effort was heavily backed by many N.G.O.'s (Non Governmental Organizations) and by many politicians in Brazil.

The people spoke at the polls and by a 2 to 1 margin voted this step to tyranny down.

From The Volokh Conspiracy

Brazilian voters today will decide whether to prohibit the commercial sale or manufacture of all firearms and ammunition, except for police and military use. Polling stations, which use computer voting, close at 5 p.m. First results are expected around 8 p.m., and final results around midnight. Brazil's President Lula has strongly supported gun prohibition, and pushed it through the legislature, only to have the Brazilian Supreme Court declare the prohibition unconstitutional. Lula has also proposed a United Nations tax on ammunition to pay for "development" (that is, a UN-sponsored transfer of money to corrupt governments such as his).

Go Read it all.

Alphecca also has an excellent article

FEMA Backs Down From Gun Ban

FEMA has backed down from the gun ban they implemented in the gated manufactured home park where they house refugees from the earlier hurricanes.

Another acknowledgement and reinforcement of our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Monday, October 24, 2005


I am a hypocrite.

I have advocated not purchasing products from totalitarian regimes in several of my posts.

I have espoused that ideal to my peers.

I then knowingly smoked a Cuban cigar.

It was a gift from a family member. A thank you for an earlier kindness I showed them during a difficult time.

I could not refuse the gift.

This would have offended a respected family member.

But I did not have to enjoy it.

I did.

My actions were tantamount to supporting a totalitarian state ran by a despot. Granted my dollars were not spent on these products of the serfs subjugated to tyranny.

But indirectly my smoking that cigar created a market for their products earning that foul regime economic support, propping up their ailing government allowing them to continue abusing their people.

I am a hypocrite.

I will endeavour to stick to my principles in the future.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Example of Gun Control Artificially Driving Up Prices

Here is a very pointed illustration of how our government has through oppressive regulation, fees and taxes driving the prices for simple, effective firearms to outrageous levels.

A very simple M3 "Grease Gun" .45acp Submachine Gun manufactured for $6 by our government now costing $15,000.

Click the Photo for full size image.

My thanks to Oleg Volk's wonderful site A Human Right.

Go see it. Send an Anti Self Defense friend. Then take them shooting.

U.S. Deserter Describes Life in Worker's Paradise

In his recent release during another of the "one step forward, two steps back" dance of Communist dictator of North Korea Kim Jong-Il's attempts to extort support to prop his ailing Gulag, Japanese abducted in the seventies and eighties by the North Korea regime were released to Japan, including the U.S. Korean War Deserter spouse of one Japanese abductee.

Charles Robert Jenkins defected to the Worker's Paradise after getting drunk one night...and spent the next forty years learning the errors of his ways.

Courtesy of the Drudge Report:

In his first U.S. television interview, the former U.S. Army sergeant who deserted to North Korea speaks for the first time about the abuse and control inflicted on him by the communist dictatorship over his nearly 40 years there. Charles Robert Jenkins tells Scott Pelley he Êhad a "U.S. Army" tattoo sliced off without anesthetic and was even told how often to have sex by his communist "leaders" in a 60 MINUTES interview to be broadcast Sunday, Oct. 23 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

In 1965, Jenkins was posted along the hostile border between North and South Korea. He says he was being asked to lead increasingly aggressive patrols and was wary that he might be sent to Vietnam. ÊAnd so, on a sub-zero night, he says he drank 10 beers, abandoned his squad, and walked through a mine-field to surrender to the North.Ê He says he thought he would be sent to Russia and exchanged in some Cold War swap. But he was wrong. "It was the worst mistake anyone ever made," he tells Pelley. "In words I cannot express the feelings I have towards North Korea, the harassment I got. The hard life."

That life included forced studying of the writings of the communist dictator Kim Il Sung. ÊHe says he and three other American deserters were forced to study eight hours a day for seven years. The studying was imposed by communist government handlers called "leaders." They also assigned him a Korean Êwoman, with whom he was supposed to have sexÊ twice a month. "The leaders almost tell her when to do it, and I got in a big fight one time over it," recalls Jenkins.ÊÊ "I told [the leader], 'It's none of his business if I want sleep with her. She wants to sleep -- we sleep.' 'No -- two times a month'" He says he was severely punished for talking back. "That's the worst beating I ever got -- over that," he tells Pelley, showing a scar where he says his teeth came through his lower lip.

Worse still, says Jenkins, was the pain he endured when someone saw his U.S. Army tattoo.Ê He says the North Koreans held him down and cut the words, "U.S. Army," off with a scalpel and scissors -- without giving him any painkiller. "They told me the anesthetic was for the battlefield," says Jenkins, "It was hell."

During his first 15 years in North Korea, Jenkins says he led a lonely and desperate life. Then his North Korean "leaders" brought a young Japanese woman to his door. She had been kidnapped from her homeland by North Korean agents.Ê The Êonly thing they had in common at first was that they hated North Korea, Jenkins says, but the relationship blossomed. They raised two children. Kim Jong Il's decision in 2002 to allow Jenkins' wife and other surviving abductees to return to Japan paved the way for Jenkins' release last year.

Each night before going to bed in North Korea, Jenkins said good night to his wife in Japanese, rather than Korean. He did it, he tells Pelley, to Ê"remind her that she's still Japanese,Ê that she's not Korean.Ê She's not obligated to Korea.Ê She is Japanese... and she spoke to me in English -- every night.Ê Regardless of how hard things got, we always stuck as one."

When Jenkins finally stepped outside the North Korean culture after 40 years, he was most surprised to see women in the Army, limits on where you could smoke and black policemen. He had never heard of 60 MINUTES and thought Life magazine would be the place where he would tell his story. He knew something about the 1969 moon landing, however. "I was told that by the Koreans, one of the officers. They wouldn't say what country, but they said, 'Una handa la'... some country landed on the moon."

Take note left wing college professors and protest-of-the-week-crowd. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

Another tale to reinforce the rightness of the cause of freedom loving people everywhere.

Damn the NFA

The National Firearms Act prevents me from owning Class III (fully automatic firearms) without obtaining the appropriate license from the government an obvious intrustion upon my freedoms as granted by the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Add to this the fully automatic manufacturing ban (for private citizens) driving up the price of legally transferrable fully automatic firearms to the point that the average man cannot own one and what you have is an effective ban on ownership of what would be considered effective small arms.

Example XM-177 for 12,000, a weapon which should cost no more than $1200 retail.

I am very aggravated that they prevent me from owning many wonderful weapons like the above XM-177 or the below CZ 2000 a lovely folding stock fully auto carbine.

Photo courtesy of CZ's old website.

Rant mode off.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Wonders of the Czech Republic

I have a soft spot for those courageous people in the world who in their yearning for freedom and resistance to tyranny have thrown off the yoke of totalitarian governments.

When the Czech and Slovak Republics threw off the yoke of communism in 1989 with their Velvet Revolution. I began doing what I could to support freedom in that country.

I began by buying the products of their country.

The first of which was a wonderful Pilsner beer, first of its type from the town of Pilsen in the Czech Republic.

Since initially ordering this beer in 1989 at a wonderful outdoor Bistro called Emile's I have had the pleasure of enjoying it many times of these sixteen years.

It is especially enjoyable fresh from the tap.

Since that time I have enjoyed many fine beers from the Czech Republic

The second outstanding product of the Czech Republic I purchased was a firearm; the outstanding, most copied design in the world, the CZ-75.

Having had a copy previously the EAA Witness, a fine pistol in its own right, which after running out of ammo would make an excellent hammer, I knew I had to have the original.

So I purchased a CZ-75b, the "b" designation denotes it being made for a Turkish military contract initially, however either a cancellation or overrun made many of these available to the public.

An outstanding design of either double or single action, including Colt .45 like "Cocked and Locked" ability, the CZ-75 design is as reliable as it is handsome.

I am happy that I have had the opportunity to put food on the table and clothes on the backs of freedom loving families halfway across the world.

When considering that next purchase and you have a choice between a product made in a totalitarian state which has a history of crushing freedom or a product made in a country which has thrown off the shackles of despots I ask that you support freedom with one of the most powerful incentives you can bring to bear: Cold, hard cash.

Evil Men of the World Unite!

Here we have a perfect example of the old quote "birds of a feather..."

You can tell alot from a man by who his friends are.

For the skinny on what these dictators here are a few useful sites;

  • Publius Pundit on Mugabe

  • Babalu Blog

  • Publius Pundit on Chavez
  • Bizarre Love Triangle

    There are times when even I am surprised by the evil men in our world.

    It's like a bad Johnny Quest cartoon the evil syndicate meets and plots the demise of the Western Capitalist Pigs and the international bourgeousie which is stifling the efforts to raiseinternational communism from the grave.

    Of course rather than being a conspiracy of communist holdovers it could just be the beginning of broken hearts.

    For so long our Latin American dictators were blissfully happy together.

    Is Chavez (Venezuela's Commie Pinko dictator) about to be dumped by Fidel ?

    Has Fidel thrown over his "protege" for the old communist hold out from Zimbabwe?

    Or is Robert Mugabe playing around behind the back with Fidel's old flame? Could Robert Mugabe be the Barry White of communism?

    So is this just solid comradeship of international proletariat's leader?

    We will know when/if they appear on vacation together.

    Or could it be the unsuspected licentious, rough love we all knew lurked beneath the surface in Castro, Mugabe and Chavez?

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005


    An esteemed colleague of mine has his own site where he provides us with his observations on the human condition.

    He kindly referenced me in his blog and, well, turnabout and all that...

    His site provides links to those with viewpoints from all over the spectrum, including those far to the left of mine.

    Debate and disagreement are healthy things.

    Like working out, engaging in the martial arts and music performance continuous excercise and practice of the mind enhances your ability to evaluate data and defend your ideals.

    Commies aren't Cool

    My faith in humanity's ability to misinterpret historical events and figures is never let down.

    Example the latest resurgence of long dead, unlamented, marxist-leninist icon Che Guevara.

    You will see his image gracing t-shirts, posters, hats, book bags, etc. The only thing I did not find with the old murderer's image on it was a lunchbox.

    Young American hipsters have the excuse that they think the imagery is cool and are very unlikely to be aware of its historical context. I do not give them a passon this moronic behavior however I understand the failure of our class rooms at the secondary and collegiate levels to put into perspective the rise of socialism, communism and anarchism in the nineteenth century and its role in the murder of hundreds of millions of human beings in the twentieth century.

    Of course there is the foolish leftist remnant hiding in our universities who still worship Che and Fidel Castro in American universities and colleges believe the marxist-leninist excrement spouted by despots the world over. These fools hiding in their tenured, unassailable positions like Ward Churchill of "little Eichman's" reference to 9/11 victims fame perpetuate the worship of these foul murders.

    Only those that have lived under communism's oppression understand what it is like to a serf in a totalitarian regime. In Hungary there is now a debate amongst those that remember communism and the appearance of Che Guevara's image on attire.


    Here is a eye witness description of the romanticized revolutionary at work shooting a fourteen year old in the back of the head:

    A Cuban gentleman named Pierre San Martin was among those jailed by Che Guevara in the early months of the Cuban Revolution. In an El Nuevo Herald article from December 28, 1997 San Martin recalled the horrors: “Thirteen of us were crammed into a cell. Sixteen of us would stand while the other sixteen tried to sleep on the cold filthy floor. We took shifts that way. Dozens were led from the cells to the firing squad daily. The volleys kept us awake. We felt that any one of those minutes would be our last.
    One morning the horrible sound of that rusty steel door swinging open startled us awake and Che's guards shoved a new prisoner into our cell. He was a boy, maybe 14 years old. His face was bruised and smeared with blood. "What did you do?" We asked horrified. "I tried to defend my papa," gasped the bloodied boy. "But they sent him to the firing squad."
    Soon Che's guards returned. The rusty steel door opened and they yanked the boy out of the cell.
    "We all rushed to the cell's window that faced the execution pit," recalls Mr. San Martin. "We simply couldn't believe they'd murder him.
    "Then we spotted him, strutting around the blood-drenched execution yard with his hands on his waist and barking orders--Che Guevara himself. 'Kneel down!' Che barked at the boy.
    "Assassins!" we screamed from our window.

    “I said: KNEEL DOWN!" Che barked again.

    The boy stared Che resolutely in the face. "If you're going to kill me," he yelled, "you'll have to do it while I'm standing! Men die standing!"

    "Murderers!" the men yelled desperately from their cells. "Then we saw Che unholstering his pistol. He put the barrel to the back of the boys neck and blasted. The shot almost decapitated the young boy.

    Let us not forget Che's embodiment of evil when he joined the Simbas in their revolt against Western influence in the Congo where he was known as "Tatu".

    You can know a man by his friends and here the example is obviously set as lowest of vermin; The Simbas were known for their murder, rapine and canibalism in the countryside, victimizing the peasants and isolated westerners.

    As is often with self described "people's revolutions" they are little more than thieving, murderous rabble taking advantage of the opportunity to prey upon those around them. Che Guevara's Simba allies in the Congo were no variation from that rule. When fighting the Western organized Congo forces reinforced by the legendary mercenary Mike Hoare, Che Guevara managed to go from one humiliating defeat to the next even managing to be dislodged from a Monte Cassino like mountaintop fastness by a force smaller than his own!

    When Che Guevara was sent to Bolivia to "aid" its communist revolutionaries he led a team of 45 men, most of whom were not Bolivians. Shunned by the people in the countryside Che commened in his diary; "We cannot develop any peasant support,""But it looks like by employing planned terror we may at least neutralize most of them. Their support will come later."

    The great revolutionaries plan to bring over the peasants was to terrorize the locals into supporting him.

    When it all ended for this waste of human flesh he was captured in Bolivia screaming , "Do not shoot! I am Che Guevara and worth more to you alive than dead.

    In the end Che Guevara was executed in Bolivia following his capture in 1967.

    Wikipedia's Che Guevara entry

    babalublog's excellent article on Che Guevara

    In a way this is a very ironic end for Che Guevara; to wind up with his image used to generate capital without the associated historical context, essentially leaving him a cartoon character.

    This however does a great injustice to the victims of oppression everywhere.

    When you see a Che Guevara shirt remember it stands for torture, murder, rapine and totalitarianism.

    For those looking for putting Che Guevara in the right context check out Anti Che Shirts.

    I will end this post with two last words; Cuba Libre

    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    Some Assembly Required

    Today I constructed a closet organzier for my wife.

    It went quite smoothly with the exception of the obligatory lack of a guide to the various parts.

    What is it with these companies which must provide instructions with references to parts M and J and Q while not providing a legend?

    Two of the other favorite tricks for these manufacturers is providing different sized bolt and not providing a legend as to which to use where with the exception of mentioning part designation. Naturally this is the same companies that would fail to provide a legend.

    This means you will assemble a table for example 3/4 of the way only to find out the bolts you used to hold the base to the tabletop were actually those to be used for the legs of the table.

    The other neat trick is to only make 7/8 of the pre drilled holes needed. Leaving one to be undone. Great quality control at those companies.

    On a positive note when this happens with pool chairs, as it did to me, before fixing it you can have alot of fun watching people try to get into it as it continuously slips away due to the lack of rigitidy.

    Now after I trashed those companies which ship items requiring assembly I will end with a salute to those wise companies which provide extra nuts, screws, bolts, lock washers, etc. These guys know trouble happens and it is cheaper to toss in a few parts than wade through the returns and customer complaints.

    Here endeth the rant.

    Saturday, October 15, 2005

    Balancing My Humors

    I will have to balance my Tobacco and Alcohol humors tonight.

    The Cigar: La Gloria Cubana Series R #6 Maduro

    The Beverage: Stone India Pale Ale

    The Stone IPA has an outstanding hoppy flavor only rivaled by a few beers that cost more (Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA, Las Lagunitas India Pale Ale Maximus and a Local brewpub's own fresh IPA).

    The cigar has an outstandingly strong and rich flavor without being harsh.

    From box to box La Gloria Cubana's products have delivered consistent flavor and enjoyment.

    Safe Handgun Handling

    Firearms Safety Rules courtesy of

    Safety instructions for handgun handlingAlways follow the safety instructions for your safety and the safety of others.

    1. Always handle your pistol as if it were loaded.
    2. Never point your pistol at anything you do not intend to shoot.
    3. Never take anyone's word that a gun is unloaded.
    4. Always make sure that your pistol is not loaded before laying it down, or handing it to another person.
    5. Always keep and carry your pistol empty, with the hammer forward except when you intend to shoot.
    6. Never abuse your pistol by using it for any purpose other than shooting.
    7. Never leave the pistol cocked and ready to fire unattended.
    8. Before loading your pistol be sure that the barrel bore, chamber, and action are clean and clear of obstructions. After shooting, clean the pistol as soon as possible.
    9. Always use only clean, dry, original high quality commercially manufactured ammunition, which is appropriate to the caliber of your pistol.
    10. Never drink alcholic beverages or take drugs before or during shooting.
    11. Always wear safety glasses and ear protection when shooting.
    12. Always keep the safety on when the pistol is loaded and cocked, until you are ready to fire. Keep your pistol pointed in a safe direction when disengaging the manual safety.
    13. Always keep clear and keep others clear of the ejection port.
    14. Never squeeze the trigger or put your finger in the trigger guard until you are aiming at a target and ready to shoot.
    15. Always be absolutely sure of your target, and the area behind it, before you squeeze the trigger. A bullet could travel through or past your target up to several hundred meters.
    16. Never shoot at a hard surface such as rock, or a liquid surface such as water.
    17. Never fire your pistol near an animal unless it is trained to accept noise.
    18. Never indulge in "horseplay" while holding your pistol.
    19. Failure to fire: always hold pistol, keeping it pointed towards the target, or a safe open area and wait 30 seconds when the pistol fails to fire. If a handfire (slow ignition) has occurred, the round will fire within 30 seconds. If the round does not fire, remove the magazine, eject the round and examine the primer; if the firing pin indent on the primer is light, or off center, or non-existent, have the pistol examined by a competent gunsmith.
    20. Always make sure your pistol is not loaded before cleaning, storing or travelling.
    21. Always keep and store your pistol and ammunition in separate locked receptacles out of reach and sight of children and untrained people.
    22. Never alter any parts of your pistol as the safety and proper function of your pistol could be seriously compromised.
    23. Always be aware that corrosion, use of damaged ammunition, dropping the pistol on hard surfaces or other "coarse treatment" could cause damage you may not see. If something like this happens allow the pistol to be examined and tested by a competent gunsmith.

    New Books Read of Late

    I have not read as many books as I normally do of late.

    However two long awaited books have been released;

    Conventions Of War, Walter Jon Williams latest installment in The Dream Empire's Fall series.

    Yet another Walter Jon Williams book I had to fight myself to put down.

    I heartily recommend purchasing all three in the series at once.

    For those unfamiliar with his work I recommend checking some of his other works; HardWired, his hilarious Drake Majistral trilogy Ten Points For Style and Voice Of The Whirlwind

    Knife of Dreams, Robert Jordan's eleventh tome in the Wheel of Time Series.

    Although I am not finished with this book as yet I can say it is off to a more intrepid pace than the previous two releases in the series and is tying up loose threads and hopefully ending some of the more tedious plot lines.

    Blatant Disregard for Our Constitutional Rights

    Not to be outdone by the oppressive and abortive confiscation of firearms by NOPD and those assisting in emergency, care and safety operations from those continuing to live in hurricane stricken New Orleans, FEMA has decided to prohibit firearms ownership by those living in their gated temporary housing (trailer homes) community.


    Needless to say that this tactic was tried in public housing in the nineties and was rejected as unconstitutional by the courts.

    Perhaps a class on the United States of America's Constitution would be a good thing for all government workers. Preferably a class where a failing grade would doom them to getting a job in the private sector where people expect basic competency and results in a timely fashion.

    Not to be outdone by FEMA's stupidity the state of Massachusets has picked the a most telling name for one of their government agencies responsible for interacting with their serfs.

    Of course this all came up in the process of Massachusets attempting to ban "cop killer" weapons so the tyrans will feel safer from their serfs.

    MASSACHUSETTS The Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security has announced a second hearing for S.2113, "An act prohibiting the sale, transfer or possession of 'cop killer' handguns and high-powered rifles." This is the bill that seeks to ban .50 caliber BMG rifles and the FN "Five-seveN" handgun. Please plan to attend the hearing that will take place on October 25, 2005 at 10:00 a.m., in Room 437 of the State House. If you are unable to attend, you can contact the committee at (617) 722-2230.

    Truly only a budding totalitarian state like Taxachusets could come up with so foul an idea and be so oblivious to the historical context.

    Unless of course they thought their citizens, all victims no doubt of public education, would not note the historical precedents since the hung five more words onto the title.

    For those who have had little time to study history the Committee for Public Safety was an organization which through its Tribunal and the chaos and fear it strewn throught France, especially Paris.

    The Committe for Public Safety held a Tribunal which tried those denounced by their neighbors, family members and rivals. Its verdicts were invariably that the denounced would be put to death by the Guillotine and over a thousand perished in that year.

    Over a thousand people went through this tribunal, were found guilty and executed. This Tribunal found the time to try more than an average of three people per day sending them all to Madame La Guillotine.

    Let's put it another way....2% of Paris was executed for anti-revolutionary crimes in one year. Every person in Paris knew someone who had been taken by the Committee for Public Safety, a friend, lover, brother, sister, father, mother, etc.

    Great example to pick from history Massachusets.

    Please let us all know when you get around to honoring those other wonderful public service organizations like the NKVD, Cheka, Stasi, People's Guards, KGB, etc.

    If you do not recognize any of those names and want an idea of what they were like read the Gulag Archipelago.

    Friday, October 14, 2005

    A Ronocracy has been declared.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I felt the world would be misguided or at least partially misinformed if I did not share my insights into human nature and interpersonal communications.

    Topics to be covered will include politics, firearms ownership issues, rants, raves, product evaluations and from time to time perhaps an expansion of our readers vocabulary.

    Today we will start with said expansion of your vocabulary with the word gimpdified.

    gimpdified adjective

    Having the quality of inadequate performance and/or functionality as the result of egregious mismanagement especially that resultant from a design committee or other bureaucratic process.


    I had the access to data and tools to peform my job requirements, until someone gimpdified my login, now I can't do anything.